The faculty and staff at Lourdes are truly amazing," offers Krystle King, a senior majoring in marketing. Set to graduate in December, Krystle is thankful for her education and experience at Lourdes.

"Everyone really cares about the students. They care about you as a person and what is happening in your life. They want to know you and I love that, because we, as students, want to know about them as well.

"I feel so comfortable and at home when I'm on campus."

Krystle stays busy with her classes and work. Working as a Customer Service Representative at Fifth Third Bank, she also is completing two internships – one in the College Relations Department at Lourdes and one for the Area Office on Aging of Northwestern Ohio.

Her internship experience has allowed Krystle to draft a marketing plan, handle event planning, coordinate photo sessions, draft press releases, work in media relations and develop and prepare web pages.

She also finds time for community service. "In the past, I have been involved with Zeta Delta Chi and TRiO but my workload has prevented me from staying involved," offers Krystle. This month, she will travel with others in the Lourdes community to Jacksonville, Florida, as part of the Habitat for Humanity Spring Break Initiative.

A student who believes in the mission of Lourdes College, Krystle wants to further that mission in her profession as well. "I want to remain in the Toledo area, near my family," she says. "My goal is to work for a local business or non-profit agency, hopefully in the advertising, public relations and/or marketing fields.

"I want to know in my mind and feel in my heart that the work I do every day is truly benefiting someone and that I am making a difference in that person's life. I may not have direct contact with the end recipient, but my mission and goal are to serve them in a way that improves their life."

Krystle is close with her family – her mom, two sisters, two nieces, one nephew and her dog. "I love spending time with my family, especially my mom," she adds.

"My mom is everything to me and without her, I don't know if I would be where I am today. She gives me strength, courage, wisdom and most of all, hope. She has always told me to do what I want and not what others would like me to do.

"I always know that as I end one journey and start another one, she is right beside me."