The Lourdes community brings learning, reverence and service to life. In this four-part series, we will share our Franciscan values and how our faculty, staff and students carry out our mission.

For 50 years, Lourdes has been more than a college. We have been a community committed to living the Franciscan values of our founders and sponsors, the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania. In fact, community is at the core of these values.

As a community, the students, faculty and staff carry out the mission of Lourdes College through the Franciscan values of learning, reverence and service to others.

LearningLourdes is a community of learning

As an institution of higher education, Lourdes' mission of learning is built into its existence. "At Lourdes, we communicate to students that learning should not end when one exits the classroom," offers Dr. Janet Robinson, Vice President for Academic Affairs. "Learning should be a part of everyday life so that growth and transformation can take place both in ourselves and in the world around us."

Lourdes students like Cheryl Lykowski are taking the message of continued learning to heart. Cheryl, a Master of Education student, is teaching her elementary school students the importance of global learning through her Capstone project. Learn more about Cheryl in part two of our series.

Lourdes is a community of reverence

St. Francis of Assisi is known as the Patron Saint of animals and ecology. During his life, he taught reverence for all God's creatures. Rooted in Francis' values, Lourdes recognizes and respects the dignity and worth of all creation.

Through its many programs, the College carries out its mission of reverence. Likewise, reverence is also present in the core of student life at Lourdes.

Student organizations such as the Black Student Union, Equality through Awareness, the Latino Student Union, L.I.N.K and Prism are built on the foundation of reverence for others. Discover how our students carry on the Franciscan tradition in part three of our series.

serviceLourdes is a community of service

The spirit of St. Francis and the Franciscan tradition are rooted in service to others. One of the key objectives in Lourdes' mission statement is "to inspire in them a commitment to community service." And Lourdes is a community committed to helping others.

Last fall, faculty and staff provided over 380 hours of community assistance to four area organizations during its Week of Service event.

Academic departments like the School of Nursing also carry out Lourdes' mission of service to others through ongoing service-learning and service based projects. Find out how the School of Nursing accomplished this goal in part four of our series.

At its heart, Lourdes College is a community and in that community is a commitment to celebrate our Franciscan values. Together, through our many efforts, Lourdes lives its mission of learning, reverence and service.