Jenny Mitchell ('07, Teaching Certificate, Early Childhood Education) is a person with infectious energy. This dynamo is a third grade teacher, former triathlete, avid bike racer, yoga instructor, speech therapist, busy wife and mother of three children ages 8 – 13. "I believe in integrating health into every aspect of my life," says Jenny.

Jenny MitchellShe followed up her Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Pathology from Miami University with a dual master's degree in Speech and Audiology. While attending Miami University, she took advantage of the opportunity to manage their health and fitness program.

Now with her teaching certificate from Lourdes, Jenny is able to share her wealth of knowledge in education and health. As she points out, "I've always been active and it's so important that children have healthy role models."

In her spare time, Jenny works with Kids Unlimited to promote physical fitness. She worked with Teresa Fedor, a well respected state senator and advocate for children's physical fitness, to implement a bike rodeo and four-mile bike ride for students at Toledo's Lincoln Academy for Boys.

Other hobbies include racing bikes for an elite women's team named Team Priority Health, based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. "My road racing season runs from April to September with races almost every weekend," notes Jenny.

Jenny Mitchell"I travel for racing all over the midwest. I absolutely love it when I see my husband Steve and our kids Alex, Becca and Maggie at the finish line waiting for me with a Diet Coke from McDonald's."

Her energy is just as evident as a third grade teacher at the Madison School for the Arts, a charter school located in downtown Toledo. Jenny is pleased to offer these children the opportunity to learn in an environment that encourages high achievement, parent participation, high ethical standards and character education to develop the whole person.

"When the students come in, I want to make every one of them feel like they just landed in heaven," enthuses Jenny. "I want them to know that I will spend every second on their needs and wants." This type of education mirrors the personalized attention that is offered to college students at Lourdes.

"The faculty at Lourdes made a difference," she says. "Lourdes was a dream come true for me."

Jenny credits the guidance she received from her advisor Karen Roadruck, Chair of the Department of Early Childhood Education, as being instrumental in her education. Other faculty that made a lasting impression include Mary Stockwell, PhD, Chair of the Department of History, Political Science and Geography, and Barb Walters, MEd, Reading Specialist.

"Everyone at Lourdes showed their concern for the students," adds Jenny. "I want the same for the young people in my class. When they walk in, I want them to be excited to begin this wonderful learning experience, know what's expected of them and enter into an environment that is here to help them achieve their absolute best."