Christine W. Boudrie, MD
B.S., M.D., Biology, Brown University, Rhode Island
Assistant Professor, Department of Biology & Health Sciences

At first glance, Christine Boudrie, MD, doesn't exactly conjure an image of a mad scientist, but mad about science she is. Dr. Boudrie is mad for science in the passionate, enthusiastic way that only a true visionary can be.

As Assistant Professor of Biology & Health Sciences, Dr. Boudrie has left her mark on the Lourdes community by inspiring others through science. "I try to teach by appealing to all five senses of the human body and often find myself saying, 'I want you to live and breathe anatomy and physiology!'"

By engaging her students in various projects, Dr. Boudrie ensures that her students are living and breathing science.

"I try to create projects that I hope will translate the subject of science in a user-friendly way that also brings it to life.

"For example, when studying different bodily organs, I give students clay so they can form 3D models. They are able to hold these models and see the true size and shape of each organ instead of just looking at a photo or drawing from a book."

Dr. Boudrie's Pathophysiology class created posters aimed at communicating the symptoms and preventative methods of heart disease and her Anatomy and Physiology class built skeletons using craft supplies. The class also cooked onions to demonstrate the process of osmosis, although as she points out, "I don't recommend this project as a room freshener!"

When talking about her goals as a professor, Dr. Boudrie says, "I want students to learn that biology isn't just about learning vocabulary words or passing an exam. I want them to know that biology is everywhere and can be found all around us."

"Just as I was inspired to enter the field of science and medicine by one of my teachers, I hope that I am able to inspire a similar passion for science in my students."