How can an art course benefit a social work major? At Lourdes, "It can change a student's life or even improve our world." These words spoken by social work senior Louis Wilson encapsulates the community-minded spirit of Lourdes students and the benefit of a liberal arts education. Having already succeeded in the corporate world, Louis decided to change his focus a few years ago, and is now dedicated to discovering his "place in society."Ceramic tears image

In a recent collaborative project Louis initiated, the departments of art and social work came together to help the Lucas County Children Services (LCCS) under the auspices of Job and Family Services, raise awareness about child abuse prevention.

"Julie Malkin, the LCCS public information officer, contacted me asking Lourdes students to become involved in their 'Wear Blue to Work Day' program as part of its recognition of National Child Abuse Prevention Month," offers Dr. Joyce Litten, Chair of Social Work. "When I shared this opportunity with students, they were completely supportive and Louis took the reins and created an entirely new component that provides great exposure to both art and social work students and exhibits how their two realms can work together in the professional arena."

Having taken a few art classes, Louis was already aware of Artomatic, this region's largest multimedia, non-juried arts celebration. This year, he discovered that not only would Lourdes students be helping to raise awareness of child abuse prevention, but so too would area artists courtesy of Artomatic's Blue Room. "It's the perfect way to unite two communities, and it gave me the perfect project for Lourdes."

Students and Alumni Artists Who Participated in Artomatic 411

Johnna Bankston: My Little City, welding
Nathan Ceglio: Turtle Shell, ceramics
Chelsea Couperthwaite: Together, print; Nut, ceramics
Deron Furr: Treelove, drawing
Lora Gable: The Fish, linocut
Amy Hackett: 50 Shades Naïve, wire
Tracy Linenkugel ('12, AA): Cement, metal
Emily Loomis: Crush, drawing; One More, acrylic
Frank Lovalenti: D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S, watercolor
Laura Ott ('05, MOL; '02, BA; '00, AA): Man with Banjo, oil
Sharon Parker: Runner's World, watercolor
Maria Sofalvi: Ammannat is Neptune, drawing
Maria Thomas: Okie-Dokie Artichokie, watercolor; Alien #1, ceramics; 50 Shades, ceramics
Allison Walter: Cheesecake, wire
Holly Zmijewski: Still Life of 5 Objects, charcoal