Tiffany Miller and Pam Perkins, two students enrolled in the MSN Nurse Anesthesia Program (NAP), are traveling in February as part of a medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Located on the island of Hispaniola, where explorer Christopher Columbus made first contact with natives in the Americas, the Dominican Republic is a democracy that offers a unique blend of European, African, and Taino Indian cultures.

The program is offered through Midwest Medical Missions, an independent organization that has provided medical and surgical services to the people of the Dominican Republic for the past 30 years. The supervisor for the upcoming trip is Arvind Mistry, MD, Staff Anesthesiologist for The Toledo Clinic.

The team will stay at a nearby hotel and work four days administering anesthetics for procedures, and helping patients. Professor Liebnau adds that the medical facilities in the Dominican Republic are quite primitive and that teams are required to bring along the necessary supplies to treat their patients.

The cost for the medical mission trip is approximately $1,500 per student. Anyone interested in making a donation or assisting with other service learning projects through Lourdes University may contact Sr. Barbara Vano, OSF, Director of Service Learning, at 419-824-3861 or