'95, PhD, Systematic Theology, Marquette University
'83, MA, Theological Studies, University of Dayton
'74, BA, Education, Mary Manse College
'71, AA, Lourdes Junior College
Chair, Department of Theological Studies
Professor of Theological Studies, 1984-1990, 1998-present

Being a member of the Sisters of St. Francis is my proudest accomplishment," offers Shannon Schrein, OSF, PhD, who teaches a variety of classes at Lourdes including Introduction to the Old Testament, Wisdom Literature, Women of the Bible, The Prophets, The Letters of Paul and the Senior Integrative Capstone.

Born and raised in Toledo, Sister Shannon entered the Sisters of St. Francis at 14. Education was very important to her. While continuing her education, she chose to teach at Lourdes.

"I love the liberal arts undergraduate education," says Sr. Shannon. "Lourdes is a faith community where all can grow and develop as life-long learners. The College is sponsored by my congregation and it is known for its first rate faculty, administrators and staff."

The students at Lourdes appreciate Sr. Shannon as well – she was honored with the College's Teaching Excellence Award both in 2000 and 2007.

Sr. Shannon is highly respected in her field of Theological Studies. As a doctoral student, she focused on Christology, the in-depth study of Jesus Christ, His life, ministry and teachings. Her dissertation, "Quilting and Braiding: The Feminist Christologies of Sallie McFague and Elizabeth Johnson in Conversation," was revised and published by the Liturgical Press in 1998.

Currently, Sr. Shannon serves as secretary for the Bishop's Diocesan Pastoral Advisory Council and is a member of The Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs Commission.

Recently, Sr. Shannon served as one of the authors for The Saint Mary's Press College Study Bible. "I wrote two of the opening articles – 'Understanding Genres and Literary Forms' and 'Reading the Bible: Tools for Understanding,'" she proudly states.

"I also wrote the introductions to each of the Wisdom Books and the Psalms. It was a thrill to work with other biblical scholars across the country to produce this fine Bible that is specially geared to college students."

What are her future goals? Sr. Shannon immediately replies, "I want to write a book about Jesus using art through the ages and I want to complete the approval process for the Masters in Theology that will be offered at Lourdes."

"The undergraduate Theological Studies program at Lourdes provides a well-rounded approach to the discipline of theology," offers Sr. Shannon. "Students study all the major elements within the tradition of Christianity and studies are pursued ecumenically making it possible for students from a variety of faith perspectives to interact and learn from one another.

"The Master of Arts in Theology is designed to be a degree that provides students with a solid theological grounding for future ministry or as a building block for doctoral work."

Lourdes is currently preparing the documents for the Ohio Board of Regents approval. After a site visit, the College will request accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission.

For more information on Theological Studies at Lourdes, contact Sr. Shannon at sschrein@lourdes.edu.