'88, EdD, Educational Sociology, University of Toledo
'85, MA, Theological Studies, Methodist Theological School in Ohio
'81, BA, Political Science, Elmira College
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology & Justice Studies
Director, Criminal Justice program

Dale LaniganDr. Dale Lanigan joined the ranks of Lourdes faculty in 2000. "In the mid 90s, while I was teaching at The University of Toledo, the late Dr. Sharon Heuschele called and asked me to discuss the Criminal Justice Program that she was putting together as chair at Lourdes," he says. "We met several times and then went our separate ways." When Dr. Heuschele retired in 2000, she recruited Dr. Lanigan for the position.

"I had already fallen in love with the place," he says. "After a good amount of soul searching, I decided to make the move from the large school to a small school.

"The attraction I felt to Lourdes, the spiritual dimension of the school, the opportunity to develop curriculum and courses that were grounded in sociology, and the absolutely incredible people that are here made it seem right."

Dr. Lanigan is proud of the dedicated faculty in the Sociology & Justice Studies program at Lourdes. "We constantly review and update the curricula and material in our classes," he notes. "Both the full-time and adjunct faculty enjoy the classroom and make teaching and working with students their top priorities.

"All of our professors have practical, real-world experience as well as impressive academic credentials. I wake up each morning feeling good about the day. The administrators, faculty and staff are people that I look forward to seeing."

A self-proclaimed "political junkie," Dr. Lanigan counts politics as his favorite reading material. An avid fan of CNN and MSNBC, he often watches TV "into the early hours of the morning." If he isn't watching news ("and not the Fox Noise Channel"), he is cheering on his beloved "if often inept" Cleveland Indians or Browns. "My excuse for such behavior," he says, "is that I was born and raised in Cleveland."

Dr. Lanigan often shares his political views with his colleagues, including Associate Professor of Psychology Thomas Estrella whose "knowledge of politics is equal to my love for the Detroit Tigers – and I am a Cleveland fan."

When speaking of his future goals, he quickly points out, "I would like to see a Democrat actually win the White House, and I would like to meet Catherine Zeta Jones."

On a more serious note, he is most proud of his family. "I have been married to my wife Carol for almost 29 years and we have three great children." One of Carol's and Dale's children is a Lourdes alumnus, and a second child is currently attending.

A health enthusiast, Dr. Lanigan runs close to four miles a day either on a treadmill or at the track. However, he notes, "I need to realize that I'm too old to be running on pavement."