The 50th Anniversary of Lourdes College was a year of success and celebration. The opening of a new academic building, the selection of the new Gray Wolves mascot, the launch of innovative websites such as LourdesWorld and the Virtual Wall, and the 50th Anniversary celebration on January 13 with 650 friends and community representatives in attendance were some of the many highlights of the College's golden year.

Lourdes officially closed its 50th Anniversary celebration at Convocation with the sealing of a time capsule. The time capsule will be opened in August 2033 at Lourdes' 75th Convocation ceremony.

Students, faculty, staff and friends of the College have contributed mementos to the time capsule including publications, literature, event programs and photos pertaining to the 50th Anniversary. Also included in the time capsule is a journal of reflections by faculty, staff, students and members of Lourdes' Board of Trustees.

Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents, Eric D. Fingerhut served as guest speaker at Convocation and addressed higher education in Ohio.

Time capsule journal excerpts

Sands of time"Today, the campus is alive with students walking around, playing Frisbee, studying under the trees, in the library or in the WIN Center. Twenty five years from now, some of these students may be on the faculty. Some of these buildings will have been replaced. There may be grass where there are buildings and buildings where there is grass.

"One thing that will not change the Lourdes College campus will still be a holy place, a place where Learning, Reverence and Service are at the core of all that goes on here."
Nancy Brown, Associate Professor of English

"Lourdes has done so much so fast over the last several years, I don't know if I am writing this from the present or the future. However, one thing I know for sure is that things have a way of changing over 25 years, and we'll be ready for the challenge.... Godspeed to Lourdes as it continues its journey!"
– John Harris, Lourdes College's Board of Trustees

"I have always regarded Lourdes College as my sanctuary. It has not only been my place of learning, but also my place of quiet reflection. The people I have met are very dear to me and even though it is time for me to graduate, I will always carry them in my heart, always."
Stacie Marquis, Biology student