A valued friend of Lourdes College, Dorothy Price is a patron of the arts and education in the northwest Ohio region and has been a supporter of the Toledo Museum of Art, the Toledo Symphony, the Toledo Metroparks and other non-profit organizations.

"I appreciate and believe in institutions that are dedicated to helping others through the arts and education," offers Dorothy. "It is imperative that when people prosper, they give to good community organizations like Lourdes College."

"I was a little country girl," reflects Dorothy. "My parents didn't go to college. My father was a patternmaker and his business saw him through the height of the Great Depression.

"We had cattle and a garden that allowed us to be self-sufficient. Even though they never had the privilege to attend college, my parents believed strongly in education."

Lourdes University artDorothy graduated with her bachelor's degree and worked as a secretary for several years. Considering herself to be a person with many blessings, it was through her generosity that the University of Toledo's Department of Music established the Dorothy Mackenzie Price Piano Series that recognizes musicians in and around the northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan regions.

It was art that brought Dorothy close to Lourdes College. "I was aware of the strong art program at Lourdes as well as the reputable collection of works that Mother Adelaide Sandusky acquired," adds Dorothy. "When I learned of their art catalogue project, I knew I wanted to assist them with this endeavor."

Dorothy provided the necessary funds to begin this painstaking "labor of love" in 2005. To date, nearly 1,400 pieces of art have been catalogued. The goal is to house the catalogue on the Duns Scotus Library's web pages.

The "Feather Paintings"

Her love of art extends beyond this region. Dorothy's former father-in-law traveled on several occasions in the '60s to assist people in war-torn Sierra Leone, Africa. After one visit, he brought back a series of paintings created by native artists.

These works of art are known as the "feather paintings." When Dorothy learned of the atrocities that these people faced, she became committed to building awareness of Sierra Leone and Rwanda, Africa.

Earlier this year, Dorothy lent the "feather paintings" to Lourdes College. "We are honored to have this beautiful artwork to share with the Lourdes community," adds Mary Arquette, Vice President for Institutional Advancement. "Through Dorothy's generosity, our students and alumni will be able to view not only these lovely paintings but also learn about the history of these countries through books supplied by Dorothy."

To learn more about the culture and people of Africa, contact the Duns Scotus Library at 419-824-3761 or lourdeslibrary@lourdes.edu.

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