Quilt panel sheds light on AIDS

In recognition of World AIDS Day and the NAMES Project Foundation, Lourdes hosted a panel from the AIDS Memorial Quilt in December. This was the seventh year that Lourdes has participated in the NAMES Project.

The display at Lourdes only represents a fraction of the full AIDS Memorial Quilt which has grown in size to a staggering 1,293,300 square feet.

According to the NAMES Project Foundation, the quilt includes more than 91,000 names, representing only 17.5% of those who have died from AIDS in the United States. If all panels were laid end to end they would stretch more than 53 miles. The entire AIDS Memorial Quilt weighs more than 56 tons.

National Chemistry Week goes elemental

In honor of National Chemistry Week and the 140th anniversary of Mendeleev's Periodic Table of the Elements, The Department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences hosted "Chemistry – It's Elemental!" The event created an opportunity for students to appreciate the elements in everyday life.

"Chemistry – It's Elemental!" featured interactive demonstrations including flowers frozen by liquid nitrogen, a periodic table elements matching game, memory metal, ghost crystals, spooky dry ice, rocks and minerals and videos of reactive metals exploding.

To encourage event goers to continue celebrating science, members of the department passed out sticky moles, periodic tables and packets of elements as take-home gifts.

Additionally, members of the department took part in an event held at the Imagination Station. Chair Cindy Molitor, PhD, Associate Professor Beth Wise, PhD, and Lourdes students conducted hands-on activities and demonstrations for visitors.

migrant workers eventTalk on migrant education gains national coverage

Through the Lourdes Diversity Awareness and Action Committee, the College hosted a special presentation this fall on assisting migrant youth achieve a quality education. The event featured guest speaker Jose Salinas, PhD, Director of the Ohio Migrant Education Center.

University of Toledo student Yvette Villanueva also spoke during the presentation. As an adolescent, Yvette and her family were featured in the NBC Dateline episode "Children of the Harvest," which followed the journeys of migrant families.

The presentation at Lourdes will be featured in a future episode of Dateline, as part of a follow up with the families who first appeared in "Children of the Harvest," which aired in 1998.

New Years Eve event benefits Latino community

Lourdes College was pleased to sponsor the Salsero New Year's Eve party presented by Voces Latinas TV. This inaugural event allowed the Latino community to gather together as they celebrated the new year.

Four DJs competed and entertained those in attendance with contemporary Latino music and mixes. Individuals traveled from Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Mexico to join friends and family in the northwest Ohio region.

Veterans scholarship established

In fall 2010, Lourdes will offer the Ohio National Guard Hero Scholarship to men and women serving in the Ohio National Guard. The scholarship grants students $2,000 in tuition support per semester.

All students who meet the following qualifications will be awarded the Hero scholarship:

  • Pursuing a Bachelor or Certificate program at Lourdes
  • Enrolled full-time
  • Enrolled and in compliance with all requirements of the scholarship program
  • Maintain acceptable attendance at Ohio National Guard Scholarship unit drills

For more information and to apply for these or other veteran scholarships, contact Financial Aid at 419-824-3509.