Lourdes University offers scholarship opportunities to students based on merit and military status, as well as to students who are underrepresented or disadvantaged. In the midst of the 2013-2014 academic year, we wanted to give a "growl" to some of our Gray Wolf scholarship recipients.

(Read about more students in the print edition of AtLourdes)

Lachelle Black
Major: Business Marketing and Management
Hometown: Miami, FL

Lachelle has already begun to build her resume, interning with Wakeupstar, a marketing entertainment company in her hometown, and has already booked several shows as a freelance entertainment manager, utilizing her savvy social media skills.

She plans to continue freelancing with Wakeupstar through her educational career – effectively studying in Sylvania, OH, and working via technology in Miami, FL.

The Lourdes multicultural scholarship is helping offset costs for her education. After receiving her bachelor's degree, Lachelle plans to then pursue her master's degree in business marketing and management.

At Lourdes, she is hoping to be involved with the Lourdes Event and Activities Planning (LEAP) events, as well as the TRiO program. She says she is "also interested in the women's basketball team and other activities, but I want to make sure I don't take on more activities than I can handle at once."

Olivia Drees
Major: Business
Hometown: Toledo, OH

A budding philanthropist and entrepreneur, Olivia hopes to one day start a non-profit organization for brain cancer, and to operate her family's business. "Essentially, I want to give back to others by reaching out and interacting with them through my business," she notes.

Currently working part-time 20 hours per week, Olivia hopes to be involved in various Lourdes Event and Activities Planning (LEAP) events, as well as Campus Ministry initiatives. Of her scholarship, Lachelle says, "I am now able to receive the education in business in the environment I want. Hopefully, it will also open me up to new people, cultures, and experiences that enhance my perspective."

Taylor Hiegel
Major: Pre-Nursing
Hometown: Leipsic, OH

A transfer student, Taylor is a Certified Nurse's Aide (CNA) who is currently pursuing a bachelor of science degree in nursing. She credits the multicultural scholarship with allowing her to focus more time on her studies and career goals.

The sophomore also has plans of becoming more involved with the Lourdes LINK student organization which stands for Linking Interest, Needs and Knowledge. This organization allows students to become an active part of campus ministry.

Paul Makulinski
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Elmore, OH

Hoping to major in a science-related or medical field, Paul is thankful for the scholarship he received. When not in class, Paul is looking forward to meeting his fellow students, golfing with the Lourdes Gray Wolves, and getting involved with both Campus Ministry and the Lourdes Event and Activities Planning (LEAP) events. Of course, he also plans to keep in touch with his immediate family whenever possible.

Arin Morris
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Cleveland, OH

When not studying and pursuing her bachelor's degree, Arin plans on spending some of her free time with the Drama Society. A lover of the theatre, this student organization will allow her to entertain audiences and fulfill her desire to act.

Thanks to the multicultural scholarship, Arin can continuing pursuing her goal of becoming a post-partum and traveling nurse.

Samantha Ray
Major: Biology with a Pre-Dentistry concentration
Hometown: Fayetteville, OH

With the goal of becoming a dental hygienist who specializes in orthodontics, Samantha is working with her advisor to make sure she fulfills all her prerequisites for dentistry school. She credits the scholarship she received for offsetting some of the financial stress on her and her family. It also led to her being involved with the Diversity student organization.

Samantha also hopes to be involved with the Lourdes Event and Activities Planning (LEAP) events.