Alumni featureTonya Rider and her husband Waylond inspire and support each other in achieving their individual best – personally and professionally. She credits their harmonious home life to a deep understanding of one another as well as shared educational and employment experiences.

“We have a great appreciation and understanding of the pressures and demands of each other’s jobs,” notes Tonya. “We know the qualities police officers need to possess – good interpersonal communication skills, the ability to make decisions, handle stressful situations, and act with diplomacy, fairness, empathy, and patience. Oddly though, we seldom discuss work-related issues when at home.”

A former Detective in the Special Victims Unit (SVU), Tonya also serves as a Sexual Assault Investigation Consultant for the State of Ohio Attorney General. Her areas of expertise in this role include child and adult sexual exploitation investigations, internet safety, and theft and fraud investigations.

Her current position in Crimes against Persons involves speaking with victims, responding to crime scenes, conducting extensive investigations and court appearances as needed.

For more information on the duties of being a police officer as well as tips to avoid being a victim of a crime, explore these resources:

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