The Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania can count three sets of twins among their ranks. Can you name the three sets of twins below? You may want to read the full article from the print edition first. Use the answer key at the bottom of this page to see how well you do on our quiz!

Sisters & Twins Quiz

Can you name these toddler twins?


Srs. Pauline and Machaeline
Srs. Laurene and Laura
Srs. Grace Ellen and Adrienne

How about these twins at First Communion?

Sisters 2

Srs. Laurene and Laura
Srs. Grace Ellen and Adrienne
Srs. Pauline and Machaeline

Final twin test:

Sisters 3

Srs. Alicia and Lenore
Srs. Laurene and Laura
Srs. Pauline and Machaeline

Fun facts about Srs. Adrienne & Grace Ellen

  • Srs. Adrienne and Grace Ellen love reading mystery novels. Their favorite authors include David Baldacci, Mary Higgins Clark, Faye and Jonathan Kellerman, and James Patterson. 
  • Individuals they admire: Martin Luther King, Jr.; Dorothy Day, American journalist, social activist and devout Catholic convert; Rosa Parks; and many Priests and Sisters. 
  • Who they will vote for in the upcoming election: Sitting President Barack Obama 
  • Why they watch MSNBC and stay updated on the latest news: “It’s important to get all the current information so we can make the most educated decisions and choices. It’s what we learned from our parents.” 
  • Their maternal grandmother lived with the family. As she only spoke Polish, the twins spoke the language growing up. 
  • After Sr. Adrienne entered the convent, Sr. Grace Ellen worked summers at the RL Polk & Company. “I took the place of secretaries who were on vacation. After the first summer, Mrs. Donovan, the manager, had me work in one section so I didn’t have to “travel around” so much. 
  • On their twin counterparts, Sr. Grace Ellen says, “I can tell Srs. Laura and Laurene apart but not Srs. Alicia and Lenore.” Sr. Adrienne adds, “I lived with Sr. Alicia and couldn’t tell her and Sr. Lenore apart!”

Answer Key

Srs. Adrienne & Grace Ellen 

Srs. Laura & Laurene Poplaw 

Srs. Alicia & Lenore Eagles