Janet Zale
Class of 2003
Bachelor of Arts degree – criminal justice

Janet's duties as a detective include investigating a variety of crimes – theft, burglary, breaking and entering, harassment, fraud complaints and sex offenses. Sometimes she also deals with a robbery and even more rarely, a homicide. "We, the detectives, are sometimes asked to process a scene for the discovery of evidence such as fingerprints, blood, tool markings, etc. I am also responsible for the department's daily activities on the various social media platforms."

She specializes in the field of computer forensics. Her expertise lends itself well to forensically examining computers, cell phones and electronic devices for other local police departments and the federal government. In the latter case, she was chosen as one of the inaugural members of the FBI's Violent Crimes Against Children Task Force.

The award-winner was one of the first in the region to utilize social media in solving crimes. "Since we started our Facebook and Twitter pages in 2010, we have been able to keep the community informed about crimes in their neighborhoods, traffic issues, road closures and crime trends in general.

"We have created an avenue for the community to be involved with the police department. We have solved dozens of crimes by placing photos of unknown suspects on our Facebook page and asking for the community's help. It is really a good feeling to know that we can work together this way to make our city safer."

Detective, Oregon Police Department
Member, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Task Force – Violent Crimes Against Children

Community Involvement:
Expert Consultant to community, parent and school groups – internet safety, sexting, cyber bullying and social media risky behaviors

Departmental Achievement Award and Merit Commendations, Oregon Police Department
Member, Toledo Opera Chorus – a self-described "opera singing cop"

Gray Wolf Hero:
Cyber Woman

Pledge to people:
Crime fighter specializing in cyber crimes
Protects children and adults, shielding them with her cool "techno tools" and her bullet-proof and firewall-safe badge