Stevie (Beale) VanAusdale
Class of 2012
Bachelor of Arts degree – psychology

A talented individual, Stevie has dealt with great trauma and didn't just survive but triumphed. When recuperating in the hospital from an automobile accident, her caregivers, friends and family members referred to her as "Super Stevie" for her resilience and positive attitude. It is only fitting that she chose the same persona as her alter ego.

In her role as peer mentor to teens and young adults, Stevie shares her personal story and provides advice on how to deal with a variety of challenges these young individuals will face. Her love of psychology serves her well in this capacity. "In my high school honors psychology class, I discovered how much I loved the field and knew I would make it my chosen profession."

While life has not gone exactly as planned, she realized a milestone in 2013 – walking down the aisle at her wedding. "I was determined to walk down the aisle with my father." Through her trademark strength of spirit and grit, she accomplished her goal. While mentoring a young lady, Stevie met her future husband Jared, an accomplished financial professional who worked with the pupil's mother.

While Stevie had always envisioned herself having a successful career before marriage, she has not stopped pursuing her professional goals. After she receives her master's degree, her next goal is to obtain her PhD in community psychology and to be a professor at a small private college similar to Lourdes. "This university gave me the opportunity to build relationships with professors who provided great assistance to me in preparing for graduate school."

Graduate student – Mental Health Counseling

Community Involvement:
Peer Mentor to junior high and high school students

Courage Award, Detroit Medical Center (2012)
Psychology Student of the Year, Lourdes University (2012)
Who's Who Among Students in America (2012)

Gray Wolf Hero:
Super Stevie

Pledge to people:
Lending a sympathetic ear to those who are dealing with traumatic experiences and situations
Utilizing first-hand knowledge to assist them in adjusting to their life
Inspiring others to strive and reach their goals