Luke Ellison
Class of 2010
Bachelor of Arts degree – art

Luke says it was an honor to assist Lourdes with the Gray Wolf logo design. "It helped establish a communal sense of identity for students, faculty and staff. My comic books and gallery work are intended to be conversation starters, and to me, an open dialog is always a positive thing."

He often taps into the critical thinking skills he learned and honed as a Lourdes student. "My philosophical and theological classes taught me alternative methods of approaching a project. Learning how to describe and critique my work has aided my practice immensely."

Freelance Illustrator – several California studios and non-profit foundations in Belgium and Germany
Adjunct Fine Arts Faculty, Owens Community College

Community Involvement:
Creator, Lourdes University Gray Wolves Mascot
Illustrator, AtLourdes caricatures – 2014 spring edition

Gray Wolf Hero:
Captain Cactus Lip

Pledge to people:
Utilizing the power of his beard to defy gravity and travel through time, avoiding traffic and scary looming deadlines to create art masterpieces for individuals in need