Barbara Hudson
Class of 1987
Associate of Arts degree – art

It must have been destiny that the Department of Art chose Barbara Hudson to be its alumni super hero for this edition of AtLourdes magazine, as just last fall she created an art crusader Halloween costume. "I hand made the costume, which had a giant paintbrush sword and a paint pallet for a shield. The costume definitely represented who I am, both professionally and personally."

In fact, Barbara comes from a family of art crusaders. Her husband Scott runs the Hudson Gallery alongside her. Their son Sean is a musician and works in the restaurant industry in the Chicago area, and their daughter Stefanie won an Emmy in Seattle for her production work with PBS and is currently the Managing Director for NFFTY, a youth film festival.

Barbara says that ultimately, she created the Hudson Gallery in order to showcase the many talented artists in and around the Toledo region, as well as to promote the benefit of art to others. "We really get to know our clients so that we can determine what they are looking for in art. It's truly a creative process, and our goal is always to satisfy them. We also want to help our local artists make a living by doing what they love."

One of the gallery's staple events – The Group of 9 – is an annual exhibit that features between three and five works from 9 new artists each year. The 2014 event, which will take place this spring, is the seventh installment of the series. "It feels good to be able to say that to date, the Hudson Gallery has featured over 60 artists through this event!"

learn more about the Hudson Gallery and its upcoming exhibition online.

Owner & Director of the Hudson Gallery

Community Involvement:
City of Sylvania's "Maple & Main" art fair
City of Sylvania Mural Committee
Downtown Banner Committee – Sylvania
Downtown Sylvania Association Member
Sylvania Community Arts Commission

Visionary behind Sylvania's Downtown Delights event
Designer of current City of Sylvania street banners

Gray Wolf Hero:
The Art Crusader

Pledge to people:
Casting light on wonderful local artists and promoting public awareness of art