In 2011, Sr. Jane Mary Sorosiak, OSF, former Art Professor, spent a good portion of her time making the first mural for the newly named Lourdes University. Located on the south wall of the dining hall, she created an image from John's Gospel wherein Jesus feeds the multitudes.

"I wanted to depict St. John's version," offers Sr. Jane Mary. "The incident is related in each of the Gospels but only John mentions the young boy who offers his five loaves and two fish."

The only other outdoor mural that depicts Jesus on campus grounds is located on the far side of the Franciscan Center theatre, a 40-foot figure in a gesture of blessing. "Dr. Helmer suggested the theme of Jesus feeding the multitudes which I thought very appropriate for a dining hall," adds Sr. Jane Mary.

The colors were chosen to complement the terra cotta roof tiles and the surrounding landscape. As Sr. Jane Mary notes, "Blues and greens were favorite colors of Mother Adelaide."

Following a medieval technique of combining many scenes in one, she compartmentalized the multitude reclining in groups, the two fish, the loaves and on the right side of Jesus, symbols of the Eucharist, of which the scene is a prototype.

"The mural is now one of my favorites," adds Sr. Jane Mary. "I'm grateful for the opportunity to create it through the generosity of the Lourdes University administration team."

 Lourdes University mural