As part of Lourdes University’s master plan, the institution accumulated approximately 10 acres over the past 6 years including the former bus property off Brint and McCord Roads. After working with Sylvania city administration to have the planned development approved, Lourdes broke ground on the first phase of its mid-campus expansion last fall.

The University is investing approximately $1.5 million in this phase of the project, which will create a park-like setting in the space connecting Lourdes’ historic and residential campuses. After getting off to a delayed start due to the harsh winter, the crews have been working ‘round the clock to complete phase one and have already accomplished the following construction tasks:

  • Trees have been cleared to make way for landscaping and the pathway
  • Fencing is being put up around perimeter of property
  • Sidewalk is in final stages of design
  • Green space is being cleared and leveled
  • The light poles and security system are designed
  • Construction bids on the concrete walks should be out soon
  • Yellow house at the corner of Brint and McCord is set to be moved to its new home – a lot within the neighborhood

As a special surprise, Lourdes also unveiled a virtual walkthrough video of the mid-campus expansion phase one:

Of the project, President David Livingston, Ph.D., expressed, “We are very excited to make this area a beautiful and useable space for both our Lourdes University students and the greater Sylvania community. Residents already enjoy the park-like atmosphere on Lourdes historic campus and often walk the grounds. The completion of phase one of our mid-campus pathway – which is set to open officially this August – will provide even more walkable green space for those in the area.”