Lourdes student Maurice Hawkins has faced daunting challenges and has surpassed the expectations of colleagues and peers. To him, however, it's a testament to his faith in God and in the individual's belief in achievement.

Maurice HawkinsA bright and talented person, he played football while simultaneously holding the honors of Student of the Month and Athlete of the Week at Springfield High School. After graduation, he enrolled in Biology at Bowling Green State University. His educational and career paths were set.

Then, at the age of 19, Maurice's life changed dramatically. He was on his way to campus for a final exam when he lost control of his car as it slid on an icy patch of road.

When he awoke in the hospital, he learned the details of his ordeal. He had died at the scene, been brought back to life, taken by Life Flight to a regional hospital and treated for bleeding and swelling in his brain. Maurice knew his road to recovery would take determination and his strong belief in God.

His injuries included the fracture of his C2 vertebrae, massive swelling on the right side of his body and poor circulation. His persevering spirit, positive outlook and unwavering faith never left him.

"Yes, I had been through a tremendous trauma but I focused on all the blessings," explains Maurice. "I was alive. My C2 vertebrae broke but I wasn't a paraplegic. It had broken outward rather than inward. My doctors told me that I was a 'medical and spiritual miracle.'"

With a sooner-than-expected recuperation, Maurice returned to school that fall and finished the semester with a 3.4 GPA. Realizing he needed to make a change, he chose to follow in his brother Richard's footsteps and attend Lourdes because "I felt the school would be a better fit for me." While his brother has since gone on to The University of Toledo, Maurice is positive he made the right choice.

He is thankful to the faculty and staff members who have provided him with an excellent education that suits his needs. His educational experience so impressed his brother Christopher that he is now enrolled.

As a Lourdes student, Maurice has maintained a high GPA while working multiple jobs with the Frederick Douglass Center, Drs. Pero, Glinka & Voss, United Postal Service (UPS) and Big Lots. His most recent accomplishment was the establishment of his own business, Capital Painting.

Now at the still young age of 25, Maurice has set two goals for himself after graduation. Gain entrance into the institution's new one-year Master of Business Administration program and to become an entrepreneur.

He has already proven his dedication and determination. Combined with his work experience, the future looks very bright indeed.