In June, the Appold Planetarium recognized its fifth anniversary – a celebration imbued with even more meaning on the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. For half a decade, the planetarium has entertained and educated thousands of guests.

"In a very short time, the planetarium has raised interest in science and astronomy in our region," points out Laura Megeath, PhD, Coordinator. "The planetarium is an invaluable teaching tool. The movements of the Earth, Moon and Sun are much easier to understand when they're spinning around you rather than motionless in a book."

Through the generosity of benefactors James and Patricia Appold, over 10,500 visitors have traveled to Sylvania to view a spectacular line up of shows featuring engaging lessons in astronomy, as well as biology, history, math and physics.

As Dr. Megeath shares, "Lots of kids want to be astronauts but in the planetarium everyone gets to be one! Science fiction surrounds us, so people of all ages come to the planetarium to hear the facts – facts which can be just as dramatic."

SciDome, a single projector fulldome video system powered by Starry Night, allows real-time 3D sky simulation, fulldome shows and multi-media presentations.

Starry Night is the world's most comprehensive astronomy software. Its starfield quality allows astronomical detail and teaching capabilities that surpass any other digital planetarium system available.

The programming and services provided by the Appold Planetarium have not gone unnoticed. The planetarium was named the "Best Place to See the Stars" by Ohio Magazine.

The planetarium also is proud to be affiliated with both the NASA Museum Alliance and the official NASA Space Place which has honored the planetarium for its outreach programs.

To learn more about the Appold Planetarium online or call 419-517-8897.