Each year, Lourdes' Mission & Ministry Office provides a unique opportunity for students, faculty and staff to learn about the institution's heritage and values through its Franciscan pilgrimage program.

Pilgrimage studentsEnglish major Katie Coffey, Early Childhood Education major Amanda Krupa and English and History major Nathan Kuehnl were selected as this year's student pilgrims.

In May, Admissions Counselor Kelly Bishop, Associate Professor of Chemistry Elizabeth Wise, PhD and Associate Professor of Leadership Studies Patricia O'Connell, PhD, will depart for the faculty/staff pilgrimage. In summer, Dean of Nursing Judy Didion, PhD, will participate in the Leadership Pilgrimage.

"Visiting Rome and Assisi was amazing, but the biggest impact I had from the trip was simply sharing the pilgrimage with 40 other students.

"Our group truly bonded over the strengths and the struggles of our faith – we shared our triumphs and commiserated in our hardships. Whether we were ascending into the mountains of the Carceri or descending into the depths of the Catacombs, our group moved as one."

"We found St. Francis and St. Clare together instead of as individuals and we understood the message that they strove to achieve because we experienced love, reverence, and community among ourselves."
– Nathan