Since 1859, Knight Crockett Miller Insurance Group (KCM) has had Toledoans covered.

With customer service being a top priority, it's no wonder the company has outlasted many of its competitors. As Vice President Diane Keil-Roe ('90, BA, Business) says, what sets KCM apart is its dedication to clients and longevity in the business.

"When clients have a claim, it is a nerve-wracking time for them," says Diane. "They want to know that we are going to be there. Our longevity assures them that we will be."

KCM is known for being a leader in the insurance industry, but the company also supports clients through a variety of additional services including business and technology consulting, bonds, group health, and 401(k)s.

In 2009, Knight Crockett Miller Insurance Group celebrated its 150th anniversary. "Our anniversary slogan was 'Always there,'" shares Diane. "Being able to say that we have served our clients through the Civil War, Great Depression and two World Wars is a true testament to the legacy of our organization."

Mirroring Lourdes' mission of service to others, KCM regularly lends support to groups such as Mom's House and the Cherry Street Mission.

"As a company, we choose to offer a helping hand to these organizations because they are local," notes Diane. "Working with Mom's House and the Cherry Street Mission is personal and we like that."

Outside of her charitable work through KCM, Diane has dedicated her time to several other volunteer endeavors. For the past two years, she has served as President of the Toledo Warehouse District Association (TWDA).

"The TWDA is a member-based, volunteer organization," offers Diane. "We are all vested in the District and are dedicated to promoting its rich and powerful history to the public."

The TWDA hosts social mixers, monthly luncheons and volunteer clean-ups. Its signature event, Wander the Warehouse District, provides an opportunity for the public to see inside these old, renovated buildings.

Additionally, Diane serves as a member of the Lourdes College Alumni Association and is on the Toledo Area Metroparks' advisory committee for the Keil Farm. "The Keil Farm was originally my grandparents' farm," she notes. "The Metroparks purchased the property in hopes of turning it into a park for the public."

Diane is also a member of the internship selection committee for the Professional Insurance Agents Association of Ohio. "The best advice I can give to students is that internships are truly vital," stresses Diane.

"If you are lucky enough to be able to work in a job related to your field of study while completing your degree, do it. Otherwise, an internship is a great way to gain the time management skills and real-world experiences that will help you become more marketable to future employers."

Though her life is extremely busy, Diane who also holds a Masters Degree in organizational development from Bowling Green State University, says she would not trade it for the world. "I am very thankful for my accomplishments in life," she says. "My education at Lourdes College helped me to be where I am at today."