Biology & Health Sciences

The Department of Biology and Health Sciences seeks to provide students with an understanding of life principles and processes by facilitating the learning of current and accurate representative areas of biology. We put emphasis on the development of critical thinking skills in processing the vast amount of information ranging from molecular to environmental areas of basic research. Instilling a reverence for life in all its forms, we help students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to evaluate the impact of their decisions on their personal welfare as well as the earth around them. With an array of course offerings, the non-science major as well as the science major is able to select various topics of personal interest. 

Degrees & Programs


Biology is the perfect career choice for those interested in preparing for medical or dental school, veterinary medicine, or graduatestudies in various biological sciences. Biological scientists focus on the study of living organisms, and their relationship with the environment we live in. Specialized areas of concentration for the biological scientist include microbiology, zoology, botany, biochemistry and biotechnology.

Environmental Science

Environmental science is an interdisciplinary study of human interactions with the environment. It combines the information from different biological and physical science fields in order to understand the impact of technology on the natural environment and the implications for the future survival of the planet.

An environmental science degree can be used as a stepping-stone for advanced study to become an environmental scientist or public policy advocate. A degree can also lead to varied professional opportunities in industry, government, consulting companies, and non-profit advocacy organizations.

Health Sciences

The health science courses are designed to promote the development of health, wellness, physical fitness, and the complete integration of body, mind, and spirit. Health science courses are designated with HTW or PED. To realize our potential, we must understand that everything we feel, think, and believe has an effect on our degree of wellness. We can help this integration process by recognizing that our physical condition is a reflection of our present spiritual and emotional states. Students are able to investigate health and life from six dimensions: physical, psychological, social, intellectual, environmental, and spiritual. A student pursuing a bachelor’s degree may choose to pursue a minor in Health and Wellness.


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