Getting to know Rome

Ainsley and Jacob in Italy


The first day we were all tired! But, it was neat getting to meet new people and experience Rome at night.

San Pietro

Ainsley at Fountain

The next day we experienced St. Peter’s Basilica. It was absolutely breath-taking! I could spend an ENTIRE DAY at the Basilica. There is just so much to it. We also saw the Colosseum and the Pantheon and had great pasta and pizza!

Creche In St Peter

Christmas Tree St Peter

street in rome lined with buildings and cars

On to Assisi

After Rome we moved on to Greccio and then to Assisi. I’ve never been so proud of my faith! The history, the symbolism behind all the artwork, and the stories are just great to see and hear.

We celebrated New Year’s Eve in Assisi and that was a lot of fun. We’ve seen some great views of Assisi and have seen places where Francis has been.

San Damiano Chapel

At San Damiano, we saw where St. Clare passed away. It’s crazy to have thought that was the spot where she died!

The food here has been great. Some people are getting tired of pasta, but I’m not.

5 responses to “Student Pilgrimage: A few highlights from Jacob Supina

  1. Thank you for your post and the pictures that accompany it. I very happy for both of you. God bless and safe travels.

  2. Thanks for the images and your reactions. I know how I felt the first time I saw St. Peter’s and then actually walked into it. Greccio and Assisi – are quite different but moving in another way. I kept expecting to bump into Francis and Clare as I walked in the places that were so significant to them.

  3. Jake and Ainsley, we are following your pilgrimage and are aware of all the wonderful places that you are visiting. Even though we have been in those places we are still excited to hear about your experiences. what an unforgettable few days!

  4. Thanks for telling us about the energy you felt in all these places. I trust that I you will find answers to your spiritual searches. I am anxious to hear your info when you are back! Safe travels home!

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