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Franciscan Endowed Chair

Endowed Chair in Franciscan Integration

The Sisters of St. Francis Endowed Chair in Franciscan Integration was established to deepen the understanding of Lourdes University as a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of St. Francis. As the University carries forward the mission and heritage of its sponsor, it is imperative that knowledge of and reflection on the traditional four core Franciscan values—contemplation, conversion, minority, and poverty—and their current embodiment of the four core values of Lourdes University—community, learning, reverence, and service—be integrated into the curriculum life of the University in meaningful ways. The Endowed Chair in Franciscan Integration has been established to encourage faculty to seek ever new ways to deepen the Franciscan character of educational experiences.

Dr. Carol Schwartz will serve as the endowed chair from January 2015 to December 2016.

Carol Schwartz, Ph.D.

Dr. Carol Schwartz is the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Teacher Education and an Assistant Professor of Education at Lourdes University in Sylvania, Ohio. She holds a B.Ed. in Comprehensive Secondary Social Studies education, her M.Ed. focused on Education Theory and Social Foundations, and she holds Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration with minor in Human Resources, all from the University of Toledo. Her current research revolves around the scholarship of teaching and learning; pedagogy and andragogy; curriculum; generational learning and relationships and she has presented on these topics at various national conferences.

Dr. Schwartz has a lifelong interest in St. Francis, his teachings, and the promotion of Franciscan values in the modern world. As a frequent visitor to Assisi, Italy, she is awed by the profound influence of one man from a tiny, medieval village who “preached the Gospel” through eloquent action more than words. She is fascinated at how Francis’ life has universal appeal to people of all faiths and committed to the unparalleled opportunities his example provides to create greater goodness in the world.

During her time as chair, Dr. Schwartz will focus on:

  • Developing resources that accurately portray the life and legacy Francis of Assisi
  • Creating an interdisciplinary course at Lourdes University to explore and extend an understanding of Franciscan contributions that spread across the globe, over the centuries
  • Designing opportunities for members of the Lourdes community to broaden and deepen their personal understanding of Franciscan values, particularly contemplation, conversion, minority, and poverty
  • Connecting with other Franciscan colleges and universities to share ideas and ways to integrate Franciscan values in the broader learning experiences on campuses

Endowed Chair

Endowed Chair

Carol Schwartz, Ph.D.
Endowed Chair in Franciscan Integration, 2015-2016


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