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Students Selected to Serve on the Graduate Student Advisory Council

The following students have been appointed by the Director of their program and the Dean of their College to serve on the Graduate Student Advisory Council:

Master of Arts – Liberal Studies

Alum – Nastassia Fifer

Master of Arts – Theology

Student – Ruthi Mitchell

Alum - Yvonne Davison

Alum - Joseph Kest

Master of Business Administration

Student – Brittney Jacobiak

Student - Kevin Brecht

Alum - Rita Knab

Alum - Alexander Scotland

Master of Education

Alum – Kristin Menhorn

Alum – Amanda Seigley

Master of Organizational Leadership

Student – Aretha Gilmer

Student – Lisa Hess

Alum – Deb Olejownik

Master of Science in Nursing – Anesthesia

Student – Matthew Radwan

Student – Kristin Shipman

Alum – Lisa Werner

Master of Science in Nursing – Leaders and Educators

Student – Patricia (Trish) Kreuz

Student – Cheryl Buckland

Student – Brandi Breseman

Alum – Jennifer Micham

Brandi Bresemen and Keving Brecht have been selected to serve as co-chairs and Ruthi Mitchel was chosen to serve as secretary!


If you have questions, please contact Kelly Conkle, Graduate Student Services Coordinator at or 419-824-3881.


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