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The Franciscan Pilgrimage brings together students of various faith traditions from Franciscan Institutions across the United States to reflect on and learn from the vision and values of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi. The Pilgrimage includes time for reflection, study, conversation, leisure, relaxation and visits to sacred Franciscan places in Assisi and Rome.

June 4, 2012

Posted by: jjacob on 6/6/2012

VeniceOn June 4 we traveled by train from Florence to Venice for a very quick visit. We did not stop for the American breakfast offered at the McDonalds in the train station. What does that sign say about Americans food choices?

Arriving by water bus in Venice, we walked through the narrow streets and alleys winding through the city and along the canals, took a gondola ride in the rain (thanks moms and dads!), snapped many more photos, and walked through San Marco Piazza. We were warned to have a good map (we used 3). Thank you Holly for your great map reading skills and a good sense of direction.

The whole trip was just amazing. How can one possibly tell people what this experience was like? Many thanks to Lourdes for giving us the opportunity to be pilgrims through Assisi and Rome.

Home safely.


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    • Jun 25 2012, 10:08 AM SuperUser Account
    • I hope you all enjoyed your trip!

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