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The Franciscan Pilgrimage brings together students of various faith traditions from Franciscan Institutions across the United States to reflect on and learn from the vision and values of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi. The Pilgrimage includes time for reflection, study, conversation, leisure, relaxation and visits to sacred Franciscan places in Assisi and Rome.

May 24, 2012

Posted by: jjacob on 5/25/2012

When some of the pilgrims were using their reposito (afternoon siesta) for it's intended purpose, we chose to go hiking and exploring. First we chose to hike uphill to see San Rufino church. It was beautiful and holds the font where both St. Clare and St. Francis were baptized.

San Rufino Baptismal Font


Then someone thought we should continue hiking uphill to Rocca Majore. It is a big fortress very high up. We might have stopped for a beverage part way up. Beautiful view from the top.


The Hikers! Rocca Majore

We came back for an evening lecture on the San Damiano cross followed by another group integration discussion. Dinner was soup, pork, zucchini and fruit for dessert. I know it is a shock, but we went out for a gelato after dinner! Yes, the addiction continues. Looks like the fresh air and climbing have everyone turning in early tonight. Bueno notte!

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    • May 27 2012, 8:16 PM Barbara Baumgartner
    • Very interesting and the pictures are really great. This Blog helps me to understand so much more about the Pilgrimage. Thank you for sharing!

    • Jul 19 2012, 11:13 AM Maia
    • Great pics, wish we were there. Thanks for the blog too.

    • May 14 2015, 11:09 AM Rahul
    • The main reason I didn't go to Madrid was because it was presented as a vacation to the sun, with lots of fun and lots of people' in our country. Of course, when the young people returned, many complained about the weather, the food, the uselessness of the mass with the Pope where you couldn't hear anything It's a pity that these days weren't called what they are, a pilgrimage. That way, people would be better prepared. Oh well.

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