Partnerships Conference

Professional Partnerships:
Schools, Counselors and Social Workers 


Professional Partnerships is a cross-disciplinary group of educators in the College of Education and Human Services at Lourdes University focused on improving communication among those who provide services to children and families. We build bridges around issues in order to engage professionals in best practice at school, home and beyond. We strive to create opportunities that provide professionals with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to assure that students, clients and families are addressed holistically. The partnership brings together teachers, principals, social workers, counselors, therapists, and families in dialogue around emerging issues. 

To achieve this mission each year the Professional Partnership will sponsor a conference addressing contemporary issues. The conference will include invited keynotes on the topic while focusing on dialogue between various stakeholders. 

Consistent with the mission of the College of Education and Human Services (CEHS) the Professional Partnership supports the CEHS Student Support Fund. These funds assist students in CEHS with emergency needs. Candidates with a demonstrated need will complete a formal application with their advisor who will bring the application to a committee for review. 


Please check back for upcoming conferences.