The book “Parents: The Perspective of a Juvenile Court Judge,” was compiled by Dave Yonke from a series of interviews with Judge Devine, conducted by former University of Toledo President Dr. Dan Johnson. The book captures Judge Devine’s vision and mission. Judge Devine attests that society could reduce the number of inmates, enjoy greater student success, and have more productive employees if parents are re-empowered to handle the daily care of their children. This book can be used as a basis for policy, group discussion, and curriculum development, and as a starting point for conversation and looking at a programmatic focus on training first-tier workers. The Parent Institute of Lourdes University has made copies of this book available to the public for purchase. To purchase a copy, please download the order form.


The Parent Institute strives to provide support and professional development to both new and experienced helping professionals to identify the role of parents in the healthy and productive lives of their children. Please browse our continually updated list of electronic resources related to the re-empowerment of parents.


If you are in Northwest Ohio seeking support, please contact United Way 2-1-1, a free, 24/7, confidential and anonymous, non-emergency information and referral service that connects Lucas, Wood, Ottawa, and Hancock county residents to health and human services resources.

The Lourdes University Board of Trustees requests the honor of your presence at the Inauguration of Mary Ann Gawelek, Ed.D., as the tenth president of Lourdes University.

Schedule of Events

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Women’s Gray Wolves Soccer Team
2 p.m.
Lourdes Athletic Field

Men’s Gray Wolves Soccer Team
5 p.m.
Lourdes Athletic Field

7 p.m.
Performance and Reception
Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel

Sunday, October 9, 2016

11 a.m.
Inaugural Liturgy
Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel

1 p.m.
Installation Ceremony
Franciscan Center

2 p.m.
Reception with Dr. Galawek
Franciscan Center Commons

Lourdes University
6832 Convent Blvd.
Sylvania, OH 43560

Campus Map & Directions

RSVP for the Inauguration

Please RSVP by September 23, 2016. For more information, please contact Rebecca Bair at 419-824-3980 or by email at

Reserve your hotel room

Courtyard Toledo Airport
1435 East Mall Drive
Holland, OH  43528
Phone: 419-866-1001

To make your room reservation, please call Marriott Reservations at 1(800) 321-2211 or (419) 866-1001 on or before Saturday, September 17, 2016.

*Mention “Lourdes University – Presidential Inauguration” when making your reservation.

Four Community Members Join Board of Trustees

Four Community Members Join Lourdes University Board of Trustees Lourdes University president Mary Ann Gawelek, Ed.D., is pleased to announce the appointment of four new members to its board of trustees – Pariss M. Coleman II, J.D.; Elaine LaValley Lewandowski; Bradley J. Rieger, Ph.D.; and Harvey Tolson.   Pariss M. Coleman II, J.D. is a … Continued


Nursing Lab Staff
Melissa Pietrzak MSN, RN
Nursing Learning Lab Director
Office SJH 125

Sherri Miller
Nursing Learning Lab Administrative Assistant
Office SJH 125

Nursing Learning Lab
Main Lab Line: 419-824-3782


Nurse Anesthesia Program
Dawn AuBuchon, MS, CRNA
Nurse Anesthesia Program Director
Office SCH 234


Nursing Lab Teaching Assistants  
Bernie Butler
Michelle Condon
Jan Cook
Sarah Enriquez
Kristi Ford-Weber
Cassie Gordon
Alisa Keck
Pat McMahon
Katie Siebenaler
Sarah Thomas
Mary Jo Vollmar


Lab Hours

  • Hours are subject to change.  Please check the weekly schedule in the Nursing Lab.
    • Closed/Assigned Lab:  During closed lab hours, students will have a designated practice time and room with assigned TA(s). These designated times and dates are assigned by semester. Students/semesters not specified will NOT be able to practice at these designate times.
    • Open Lab:  Open Lab hours are for all students/semesters to practice and will be posted with days and times.


  • Do not leave personal belongings/valuables unattended in the Nursing Lab at any time.
  • For the safety of all, cameras have been installed in the SJH hallways/entryways.

Nursing Lab Services 

  • Appointments:  All appointments are scheduled via email to: (preferred method).  You may also schedule in person at the nursing lab with the administrative assistant, or by phone at 419-824-3796.
  • Referrals:
    • Student receives referral form from clinical or lab instructor.
    • Student makes an appointment for the following items:
      • Remediation of a check off skill
      • One on one lab time with a teaching assistant (TA)
    • Appointments are made following the instructions listed above under “Appointments”.


Referral for Clinical, Skills Practice, or Remediation

  • It is the student’s responsibility to have read the entire referral guideline and to make the appropriate lab appointments within the required completion dates.
  • Students that have a mandated one on one work with a TA must schedule an appointment with the administrative assistant using instructions listed under “Appointments”.
    • If an appointment is not scheduled, the nursing lab has the right to refuse accommodation for a mandated one on one work with a TA.
  • Students must have their referral form with them and have the TA who works with them comment and sign.
    • Anyone who does not have their referral form at the time of their appointment will be rescheduled.
    • TA will also provide a QSEN based review form with comments to assist with learning objectives and expected learning outcomes outlined in the nursing theory course.
    • If a referral involves a check-off, the one on one TA appointment & check-off appointment cannot be completed on the same day.
    • Students must return their referral form to the designated person by the completion date noted on the form.
      a. If this form has an expired due date, the student will be redirected to their instructor for an updated form and their appointment will be rescheduled.
      b. If the student has not adhered to the directions provided by their instructor or on the referral guideline, their appointment will be rescheduled.
    • Students should check with the learning lab for dates and times the lab is open and plan accordingly.


Skills Practice
Independent student practice is available any time there are open lab hours.   Open Lab hours are for all students/semesters to practice and will be posted with days and times.

  • Teaching assistants are present and assigned to the students that have closed/assigned lab time.
  • Mandatory practice hours must be complete prior to the check-off day in order to assure adequate preparation.  Please see course syllabus for specific guidelines.
  • Individual appointments with a TA are not made for skills practice unless a referral is given to a student by the instructor.


Computer Use
The only designated computer is available in SJH 113B for short term use.


Laptop Lending
The Nursing Learning Lab offers laptops to students to be used in the Learning Lab Only.

Copying and Printing

  • Copying is available for all students at the Academic Support Center and the library.
  • No copying facilities are available in St. Joseph Hall.
  • There is a printer available in St. Joseph Hall when using the short term computer in the lab.

Resource Books
Resource books are logged out to students for use in the Learning Lab only.

A limited supply of blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes are available to be signed out for 3 days. Double teaching stethoscopes are not available for sign out. Fines for Nursing Learning Lab equipment returned late are $.50 per day per item. Charges for these items are calculated as follows:

  • A student will be billed $10 for a stethoscope, $30 for a blood pressure cuff, or market value for any other equipment after the item is 30 days overdue. Nursing Learning Lab borrowing privileges will be suspended until paid.
  • If an item is returned, then a credit will be given. The balance of $5.00 (processing fee) is due in order to clear a student’s record.
  • Nursing Learning Lab obligations will result in a hold being placed on a student’s record in the Registrar’s Office if overdue equipment of 30 days or more occurs. Further action is placed on transcripts and denied release to other colleges and universities until paid in full to the lab.

Lockers are located in SJH 113B and supplied to nursing students after completion of their first semester. Only nursing supplies/totes are to be kept in these lockers.  Locker combinations are given out by lab staff.  If a student does not place supplies/totes back into assigned lockers, the item(s) will be placed in the lost and found.

Nursing Learning Lab Dress Code
For all nursing lab activities, students will be expected to be appropriately attired as described below.  This will include closed toe and heel, non-slip footwear. If not appropriately attired, student will be asked to leave the lab.  This includes all lab classes both undergraduate and graduate.

  • Lab Classes/Independent Practice:  Attire will be at the direction of the faculty.  Please see course syllabus for specific guidelines.
  • Competencies and Simulation:  Uniforms to be worn for all competencies and simulations as stated in the College of Nursing Student Handbook.

Lab Rooms and Tutor Trac

  • All lab rooms have been assigned.  Signage outside of each room will include assigned sections and availability of the room.
  • Student ID cards with barcodes must be used to sign in to the Nursing Lab.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.  It is each student’s responsibility to log in and out for the correct reason of their attendance.  If you do not log in and out, your visit will not be recorded. If your visit reason changes please let the administrative assistant know.  No adjustments can be made to a student’s time or reason by the staff member at the front desk.
  • When practicing in the lab outside of class, students will be required to adhere to open lab for individual practice and closed/assigned lab for designated sections.
  • Students do not need to log out for breaks or lunches when they are in class.  However, students will not be allowed to work on anything other than what is assigned from the nursing skills lab class, check-offs, referrals and remediations. Students will no longer be allowed to login for practice when studying or completing homework assignments/projects.  Students will be asked to log off and be excused from the nursing lab if they are NOT working on these items.
  • SJH 108 may only be used by NAP students for practice.  A TA must open the door to SJH 108 when a NAP student arrives to practice.


Noise Guidelines

  • Cell phones must be turned off or on vibrate. Phone calls need to be made outside of the lab.
  • The lab desk phone is not for personal use.
  • Please direct any concerns regarding noise to a TA.

No Children Guidelines
Children are not allowed in the Nursing Lab due to the risk of liability and potential disturbance to our students.

Lost and Found
A lost and found crate is located in the lab.  Please consult the front desk.

There is NO parking allowed by students directly behind SJH or at Rosary Care.  Please park in designated Lourdes University parking lots around campus.

During lab classes or individual practice outside of class, remember to clean and straighten up your work space before leaving the lab and return lab equipment.

Latex Allergy, Medical Condition, etc.
Please notify one of the lab staff if you need specialized accommodations.

Student Behavior

  • Students will be asked to log off and be excused from the nursing lab if they are NOT working on lab class skills practice, check-offs, referrals and remediations.
  • Students utilizing the Nursing Lab are responsible to follow the Lourdes University Code of Conduct as described in the Lourdes University Student Handbook.
  • The procedure for those accused of violation of the Code of Conduct is also in the Student Handbook.

Creating the culture

In April, the College of Business and Leadership presented the fourth installment of the Joseph M. Magliochetti Leadership Summit. Known as the region’s foremost event dedicated to realizing business as a noble profession, this year’s speakers addressed the theme “Creating the Culture.” “We were pleased to welcome two very fascinating and exemplary women leaders in … Continued

A global leader in the 21st century

Danise J. St. Andrew (’13) changed her career path and her life 11 years ago. Born and raised in Toledo, she spent many years in customer service both as a customer service specialist and service leader. While she enjoyed her job, her performance assessments at Owens Corning continued to show high aptitude for numbers and … Continued

Congratulations on your acceptance to Lourdes University. As a newly admitted student, please follow the steps below to secure your spot in the upcoming semester.

First Step:
Complete the Graduate Intent to Enroll Form to Confirm Your Enrollment.

Intent to Enroll Form

Students withdrawing from Lourdes University should indicate their intent on the form as well.

Apply to Graduate School image


Second Step:
Complete the new student checklist before classes start.

Review new student checklist

New students should try to complete the following steps before orientation:

Graduate School


Optional Steps

Complete the FAFSA

Please complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for need-based financial assistance. Be sure to indicate Lourdes University’s FAFSA code: 003069.

Graduate School

Apply for scholarships

Lourdes University offers a variety of scholarships to graduate students.

Financial Aid money

Review the Academic Catalog

Familiarize yourself with policies and procedures in the Graduate School as well as program specific policies.

Academic Catalogs

Submit your housing application

Enjoy suite-style student housing in suburban Sylvania, Ohio.

Apply for housing now.

Undergraduate Student Housing Application


Visit Campus – if you haven’t already done so

Contact the Graduate Admissions Main Office by email or phone at: 419-824-3517

Chatting Students


Follow the Lourdes University Community in social media



Lourdes Gear


Discover Campus Life 

We look forward to seeing you on campus soon!

From Ghana to America: the path to citizenship

Each year, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services hospitably accepts approximately 680,000 people as new citizens. The process of naturalization can be lengthy; however, it is a rewarding and honorable task. The requirements to make one eligible for citizenship are numerous yet uncomplicated. Some of the general requirements include being 18 years of age, … Continued