Service Learning

Service Learning 

Service Learning

Inspired by our Franciscan values of reverence and service, the Office of Service Learning assists with incorporating service into the Lourdes curriculum in order to enhance student learning and foster within our students a spirit of civic engagement and a commitment to the community.  Through Service Learning, students are involved in experiential learning with instructor-facilitated reflection. These experiences are typically in a community agency or non-profit organization – always an institution that can benefit from the student's volunteer effort.

Service learning:

  • Meets the needs of the community
  • Enhances a student's educational experience by being incorporated into the curriculum of a class
  • Includes a structured opportunity for reflection and integration

Goals of the Service Learning Program

  • Support and maintain a culture of service learning and civic engagement within the Lourdes community
  • Review and maintain appropriate policies and procedures directly related to service learning
  • Encourage and facilitate the growth of service learning experiences within each academic discipline and across disciplines
  • Expand and strengthen our relationships with a broad base of community partners and encourage an open dialogue regarding our mutual needs and expectations
  • Provide a forum for faculty dialogue and education on service learning topics

Service Learning at Lourdes

Service Learning has been part of Lourdes academic programs since the late nineties. In the Fall of 2002, the Office of Service Learning was created in order to foster the development of additional projects and to continue alliances with community institutions such as Bowling Green Christian Academy, Helping Hands of St. Louis, Linques Neighborhood Center, Bethany House, Sylvania Area Family Services, Cherry Street Mission, Beach House, and many others.

The number of classes offering a service learning component continues to increase and they encompass a variety of academic disciplines, including Human Values, Sociology, Biology, Nursing, Business, and Religious Studies. Activities in these classes have ranged from painting at local homeless shelters to working with various area youth programs. The collaboration of enthusiastic faculty, staff, students, and community agencies, helps to ensure the success of the Service Learning program at Lourdes. Lourdes is a member of Ohio Campus Compact, an alliance which supports student and institutional involvement in service and civic engagement.

Are you interested in learning more about our class offerings? Are you a community agency that would like to consider partnering with Lourdes? Please contact the Director of Service Learning at 419-824-3861.