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Speakers Bureau

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Lourdes' Speakers Bureau is a free service offered to the community and features a host of dynamic and educational speakers and topics.


Art History; Ceramics Art History; Ceramics history; Wheel thrown and hand built ceramics; Design fundamentals Todd Matteson M.F.A.
History European history; Ancient history, Medieval history, Modern Europe; Middle East history; Religious history Mary Robinson Ph.D.
Literature & Culture British literature various periods/genres; Technology and literature; Victorian literature and culture; Specific presentations: "Domesticity in the darkroom: photographic process and romantic narratives" "Narrative strategies in selling commercial enterprises: the case of submarine telegraphy" Susan Shelangoskie Ph.D.
Music Vocal training for the young voice; Various music history topics; Vocal training for adult beginners; Vocalist - solo and choral programs Karen T. Biscay M.M.
Advertising; Marketing Reaching your targeted market; Utilizing social media Helene Sheets, M.O.L.
Business; Management Business strategy and sustainability; Talent management Coleena Ali, M.B.A.
Business; Leadership Creativity and Innovation in Business Dean Ludwig, Ph.D.
Financial Planning Retirement at an early age; Investing for your future; Personal finance goals; Small business enterprise in America; The economy and its affect on you; How securities markets function Robert Weprin, M.B.A.
Economics; Marketing Economic education; Marketing for the next century; Economic trends/directions; Effective small business management; Relational marketing Jean Kujawa, M.B.A.
International Business International Business Bernie Barrow
International Business Exporting; International trade; International travel Patti Skaff, M.O.L
Adolescent Education Adolescent development & parenting Patricia O'Connell Ph.D.
Education Learning differences; Reading technology Michael French Ph.D.
Education Arts education; Education in a global context; Education Drama - how to use it to teach various curricular constructs; Secondary education; Dariel Jacobs Ph.D.
Education Children & television; Classroom management Karen Roadruck M.Ed.

Creating Effective Professional Development; Distance Learning/Online Education; Generational Learning; Rubrics and Assessment; and Technology Integration for Learning

Carol Schwartz, Ph.D.
Education Administration and supervision;Catholic education; Educational facility planning; Leadership; Strategic planning; Teacher education; Teacher accreditation standards Michael Smith Ph.D.
Education Leave No Child Inside; Naturalist Intelligence Rosine Sobczak, OSF, M.S.
Reading Great read aloud books for all ages; Reading aloud to children Barbara Walters M.Ed.
Science Education Informal science learning; Low-SES students in higher education; Science teaching (inquiry, 21st century skills); and Writing in the science classroom Christine Knaggs, Ph.D.

Health & Nursing

Health & Nutrition General introduction to alternative healing; Herbs; Judging science fairs; Nutrition Kristin Moline M.S.Ed.
Health & Wellness Consumer health; Death, dying and bereavement; Ministry to those in jail or prison; Nutrition; Personal health and wellness; Spirituality Note: Not available in the evenings Marguerite Polcyn OSF, Ph.D.
Nursing HIV prevention; Nursing education; Nursing leadership; Public health nursing; Qualitative research and grounded theory method Judy Didion Ph.D.
Nursing International Healthcare (Medical) Missions Martha Gallagher, Ph.D.
Nursing; Women's Mental Health Public health nursing: Health Promotion, Disease prevention, Program Assessment & Evaluation; Women's Mental Health- Depression in Women: Female Navy Recruits & Postpartum Depression Julie Kruse, Ph.D.
Nursing; Public Health Chronic Disease Morbidity and Mortality; Community Health;Public Health Nursing; Public Health Program Planning and Evaluation; Theories of Health Behavior Lauren Maziarz, M.S.N.
Pediatric Health Care Adolescence; Basic sciences; Childhood; Developmental psychology;Issues in infancy; Nursing; Pediatric emergency medicine topics; Primary care pediatric topics; Amy Spangler M.S., R.N., C.P.N.P.
Women's Health Women's health issues Liz Nims M.S.N., R.N.C.


Assessment & Evaluation Assessment and evaluation in education; Program evaluation Deborah Schwartz Ph.D.
Attachment Father involvement; Impact on later stage relationships; Parent-Child relationships Terry Keller M.S.W./M.B.A., LMSW
Career & Self Improvement Career counseling; Counseling issues; Dependency issues; Diversity issues; Graduate school process; Self esteem and stress management Teddi Moorman M.Ed.
Community Service Community service; Volunteerism Patricia O'Connell Ph.D.
Ethics Animal ethics; Christian ethics; Critical thinking; Decision making; Environmental responsibility; Ethics and morality; Medical ethics; Problem solving; Research ethics Mark Christensen M.A.
Graphic Design Designing with IBM and Mac; Designing with white space; Graphic design basics Carla Leow B.F.A.
Hope Gaining and sustaining hope Dariel Jacobs Ph.D.
Human Trafficking Topics on Human Trafficking - facts/statistics, etc. Sandra Sherman OSU
Internships; Non-Profit Organizations Making the most of an internship program; Regulation of the nonprofit sector; Social ventures and the nonprofit sector Ryan Butt J.D.
Lourdes University Lourdes University - history and economic impact on region Mary Arquette B.S.
Parenting children with special needs Parenting and teaching children with special needs (author of I'm Katie's Mom: Pointers for Professionals and Parents of the Disabled);"The Same but Different" - parenting of the disabled Barbara Holdcroft Ph.D.
Social Media How to use social media as an organization; Social Media for beginners Heather Hoffman, B.A.
Societal Topics Multicultural diversity issues & immigration; Politics, campaigns & elections; World religions Dale Lanigan Ed.D.
Societal Topics Diversity in communities; Homelessness; HIV/AIDS Joyce Litten Ed.D.


Astronomy; Biology; Geology Beginning astronomy; Bacterial predators; Types of rocks Earl Heath M.A.
Biology; Microbiology Health issues; Microbiology updates Rosine Sobczak, OSF, M.S.
Criminal Justice; Psychology Eyewitness testimony; Psychology of financial decision making; Social psychology; Social cognition; Compliance techniques; Interpersonal attraction; Statistics Robert Campbell M.A.
Criminal Justice Criminal Justice topics Larry Murphy M.A.
Criminal Justice Online predators, general criminal justice and safety, protecting children from predators Michelle Vollmar, B.A.
Ecological & Water Footprints; Sustainability Specific presentations: "Ecological Footprints: Are We Living in Sustainable Ways?" "How Much Water Do We Use? – A Look at Water Footprints James Minesky Ph.D.
Psychology The psychology of competition; Human behavior; Stereotypes; Motivation, aging, sleep physiology and disorders; Abnormal behavior; Sports behavior; Research design Thomas Estrella M.A.

Spirituality & Theology

Spirituality Spirituality Linda Gilbert M.Div.
Spirituality Survivor Spirituality Sandra Sherman OSU
Spirituality Creation spirituality; Ecology and spirituality; Rosine Sobczak OSF, M.S.
Spirituality Franciscan spirituality and history; St. Francis; St. Clare of Assisi Barbara Vano OSF, M.A.
Theology Catholic theology; History of Christianity; Sacraments Geoffrey Grubb Ph.D.
Theology Theology - church history, moral and spiritual development and sacraments Barbara Holdcroft Ph.D.
Theology Christology: Jesus, the Christ; New Testament; Old Testament; Shannon Schrein OSF, Ph.D.


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