Theological Studies

Theological Studies

Theological Studies

As a theological studies major, you will engage with your professors and classmates in some of the deepest and most important questions of human existence. A more exciting and all-encompassing discipline can hardly be found. Theology draws upon both the Christian faith as well as all the resources of human thought to come to know God more deeply and everything else in light of what God has revealed.

Theological Studies professors provide a unique combination of faithfulness, prayerfulness and passion along with rigorous thoughtfulness and academic excellence.

Our professors are dedicated to helping students deepen, liven and share their faith with others. In addition, they encourage students to incorporate insightful and systematic thinking about the Christian faith.

The program is deeply rooted in the Catholic and Franciscan traditions and is ecumenically-oriented, welcoming students from a variety of Christian denominations and embracing the truth wherever it may be found.

Theological Studies majors are well-prepared for graduate studies and a variety of ministries. You can also double major with another discipline in order to bring the Christian faith to bear in your future workplace.

The department sponsors a variety of activities, such as:

  • Annual Ecumenical Lecture featuring nationally recognized speakers
  • Annual Fall Colloquium on current theological topics
  • Chapter of Theta Alpha Kappa, the theology honor society
  • For-credit internship program
  • Abundant service learning opportunities

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Theological Studies
Benjamin Brown, Chair
St. Agnes Hall 288

Theological Studies Advisor