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TRiO is a federally funded program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education that identifies promising students and prepares them for college level work. TRiO specifically serves students who are first generation (one of your parents has not graduated from college), low-income, and/or disabled. Studies have shown that students are more likely to achieve academic success when provided additional support services.

The program provides information about career and financial aid opportunities, offers academic assistance such as tutoring, mentoring, and supplemental instruction, and provides the opportunity for cultural enrichment.

Benefits of being a TRiO member:

  • Individual academic tutoring
  • Academic advising
  • Personal and career counseling
  • Cultural enrichment
  • Professional /educational workshops
  • Graduate school workshops/ visits
  • Priority registration for classes
  • Financial aid counseling
  • Financial literacy education
  • Peer and professional mentoring
  • Lourdes community interaction and involvement opportunities

You are eligible for the TRiO program if one of the following apply:

  • You meet federal financial guidelines
  • Neither of your parents graduated with a four-year degree
  • You have a documented disability

View our TRiO brochure for more information. Please complete and submit an Application Form to Teddi Moorman to apply.


Teddi Moorman
Director, TRiO Student Support Services
St. Francis Hall 110

Upward Bound
Tonya Colbert
Director, Upward Bound
St. Francis Hall 112


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