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Introducing the 2014 student pilgrims

This year's pilgrims won't have to walk from Rome to Assisi but they will have an opportunity to walk many miles exploring the city that was home to St. Francis and St. Clare.

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Life is settling

Although it has been a series of unfortunate events for us the pilgrimage is the biggest blessing I've had. Through all the craziness with the flights and luggage I have still managed to see God’s grace and love.

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A glitch in the travels

Well, after some flight connection issues, we made it to Rome. Sadly, our luggage didn't. Emily's made it over the weekend and she's been sharing her clothes. We arrived in Assisi on New Year's eve.

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We're on our way!

The storm has passed and the snow is cleared. This was supposed to be an uneventful trip – until the flight from Detroit to New York was delayed and we realized that we would miss the connection from NY to Rome.

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After the weeks of preparation and’s FINALLY here!

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So having a pretty sweet time in Italy! St. Peters is AMAZING took my breath away

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A little bit of home...

Mmmh Italian McDonald's.. pistachio flurry looked disgusting but tasted amazing.

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Buon Anno!

I couldn't dream a place better than this. I woke up in a cloud and watched the most amazing sunset tonight. More than perfect, loving Assisi!

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The New Year in Assisi

Assisi is beautiful! We are all loving Assisi! You see God's beauty everywhere and you feel the peace and love all over. We celebrated New Year in Assisi and we really enjoyed our time at the square!

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Day 1 Recap

What a beautiful day in Rome! Got here at 7 as the sun was rising, checked into a room with an awesome view, fed pigeons at Vatican square and toured ancient Rome. One day down, nine more to go!

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