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Sunday, June 3

Last day in Firenze! We visited the Pitti Palace of the Medici. Ironically, the throne room also included Christ on His throne, quite a statement of affinity. We walked through more than 50 some rooms stuffed floor to ceiling with Rubens, Titians, Tintorettos, and painted ceilings.

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Saturday, June 2

Today we visited the uffizi gallery. It was exhausting to see miles of renaissance and medieval art all compacted into one space. However, we enjoyed the Botticelli gallery and the Caravaggios. I am drawn to the dichotomies.

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We awake to a great fog rolling in over the plain and the sounds of doves and a late-to-bed owl. The day begins with a prayer service on the rooftop. The fog slowly eats the silent, shrouded city, and our voices in song soar out over red rooftops dematerializing in the mist.

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