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To avoid abuse and in keeping with courtesy to other users of the Academic Support Center, “food” is defined as snacks, not a meal. Some foods are not appropriate for the Academic Support Center setting, including anything messy or aromatic. Users and guests of the Academic Support Center are expected to act responsibly when consuming food and drinks in the Academic Support Center.


  • Snacks are permitted, but NOT meals or messy, aromatic foods
  • Snacks are for individual, NOT group consumption

Acceptable foods include:

  • Pre-packaged snack-size containers of chips, cookies, candy, and other snack foods
  • Candy bar, granola bars, power bars, etc.
  • Other non-messy, non-smelly individual snack foods
  • Drinks with lids or caps

Non-acceptable foods include but are not limited to:

  • Hot entrees, burgers, fries, pizza, sub sandwiches, tacos, and other hot, aromatic, or messy items
  • Large size bags or packages of chips, crackers, cookies, donuts, salads, popcorn, etc.
  • Open container drinks

When eating in the Academic Support Center, please:

  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it quiet
  • Keep it “smell free”
  • Keep it discreet

Cell Phone Usage

As a courtesy to other Academic Support Center patrons, please turn your cell phone to silent or vibrate, and take all calls outside of the Academic Support Center. Cell phones are not allowed in the Testing Room at any time. Thank you for your cooperation.

Group Rooms

Due to the high volume demand for Academic Support Center Group Study Rooms, we are unable to reserve Group Study Rooms for the entire semester. Group Study Rooms will be available on a week-by-week basis and reservations can be booked up to three hours. If your group has not occupied the room within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, your reservation will be cancelled. Thank you for your cooperation.


The Academic Support Center does allow students to bring children into the Academic Support Center; however, it is not a child care venue while students attend classes or tutoring sessions, take tests, etc. No children will be allowed in the Academic Support Center without direct parental supervision. If children are causing a disruption or destroying equipment, the Academic Support Center reserves the right to ban the children from the premises. Additionally, if children are using equipment or computers needed by students, then they will be asked to move.

Appointment Cancellation

If you are unable to attend an appointment, we ask that you cancel it 24 hours in advance, or as soon as possible.  This is so we may let the tutors know ahead of time.

Please call 419-824-3748 to cancel as soon as possible.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring services may not always be available for all courses, or at every hour the Academic Support Center is open, but every effort will be made to accommodate students’ needs.

Academic Support Center tutors will NOT assist students with ANY take home exams, with no exceptions. 

Laptop Lending

Loan Policies:

Only currently enrolled Lourdes University students can check out laptops. Faculty, staff, and alumni are ineligible. Students will need their student ID to check out a laptop.

Laptops can be checked out from the Academic Support Center (formerly WIN Center), Library, Flasck Nursing Center, the Center for Nursing Scholarship, or Center for Professional Studies. Please return the laptop to the same place it was checked out.

Laptops are on a first come, first serve basis.

Laptop kits include:

  • the laptop and mouse (if requested)

Flash drives, software, discs, headphones, etc. cannot be provided.

Laptops need to remain on the main campus. Please do not take laptops to the residence halls.

Laptop lending is a program to provide additional computer availability to Lourdes students. Please do not sit at a computer workstation while using a laptop.

Loan Periods:

Laptops may be checked out for daily use. No Overnight loans are permitted.

Laptops must be returned no later than 1 hour before closing regardless of check out time.

Laptops are not able to be checked out 1 hour before closing.

Returning Late or Damaged Laptops:

In the unlikely event a laptop is damaged during use, the borrower will be responsible for replacement parts costs. The Lourdes University IT Department will have the authority in determining this charge and students will be notified.

Laptops that are not returned on the day they are checked out will accrue a fine of $100.

If the laptop is not returned within 48 hours of check out time, the laptop will be considered lost or stolen and the borrower will be responsible for the cost of replacement.

Late fines may be paid by cash or personal check at the time of check in.

  • If a fine is not paid at check in, a hold will be placed on the student’s account through the bursar until the fine is paid.
  • Students will not be permitted to borrow a laptop until fines are paid. (Please note: library borrowing privileges will be suspended until all fines are paid, including the use of OhioLINK).

Borrower Responsibilities:

Laptops should always be attended and returned promptly.

Work should be saved on a flash drive, email, or other space. Documents on the laptop are erased at each shut down.

Borrowers are expected to follow the technology acceptable use policies in the Student Handbook.

Lourdes University reserves the right to decline usage to any student at any time.

Questions about the laptop lending policy can be directed to the Chrissy Knapke (Academic Support Center), Sr. Sandra Rutkowski (Library), Denise Johnson (Center for Professional Studies), Marisol Stelow (Center for Nursing Scholarship), and Leah Matteson (Flasck Nursing Center).