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Department of English

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Bachelor of Arts English Major

The Bachelor of Arts degree with an English major includes 63 semester hours of general education courses and 36 semester hours in English. Students may declare a major in English or integrated language arts when they have completed ENG 102 and ENG 200 with an average grade of 2.5 or better and have had an interview with the Chair of the Department of Language and Literature. An associate of Arts in English is also available.

Bachelor of Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies and Bachelor of Arts Minors

Bachelor of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies students may readily combine English, communications, French, Spanish and American Sign Language courses with those of other disciplines to create individualized concentrations. Bachelor of Arts students may minor in English by completing 21-24 semester hours as determined by a department advisor. A B.A. minor or courses taken as part of an Interdisciplinary Studies concentration will enhance students’ academic and professional potential by providing opportunities to develop analytical and critical abilities, oral and written communication skills, and cultural literacy.