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From our experienced faculty in the classroom, to traveling abroad and networking with international leaders of industry, you’ll learn the language of global business firsthand through Lourdes' global MBA immersion learning experience.

Our faculty works on pressing global business issues, while serving as consultants to businesses, both nationally and internationally. We strive to implement strategies in training future global business leaders. Among the most important of these strategies is providing our students with a global MBA immersion learning experience that will broaden their perspectives and give them relevant insights into today’s international business environment.

The Lourdes MBA program requires students to complete a global immersion learning experience towards the end of their course of study. Upon returning, many of our graduates say that their global MBA immersion was one of the numerous highlights of their Lourdes MBA experience.

Did you know: faculty, staff and other members of the Lourdes community
are invited to participate! Learn more about the Travelers Program.

At Lourdes, the global MBA immersion learning experience gives candidates the opportunity to explore problems of international business, question assumptions and gain the skills of testing those assumptions through site visits of International Fortune 500 companies.

In the summer of 2012, the Lourdes University Master of Business Administration students received a once in a lifetime opportunity through the global MBA immersion learning experience to visit London and get a behind the scenes look at the business of planning the 2012 Summer Olympic games. During the 2013–14 academic year our MBA candidates experienced Sao Paulo, Brazil and Beijing, China with private meetings and tours from BOVESPA, South America’s largest stock exchange to the international accounting firm, Lehman Brown in Beijing.

In an ever more competitive global marketplace, traveling outside of the United States enables the Lourdes MBA candidates to learn firsthand how business is conducted around the world, broadens their perspective, and gives them a more competitive advantage in the job search process. There is no substitute for a global MBA immersion learning experience to gain the experience and skills to launch your career.

Experience a personal approach to global business with:

  • Network with international business leaders
  • Engagement with complex international issues
  • Tentative planned future international immersions
    • January 2015, Johannesburg, South Africa
    • May 2015, Shanghai, China

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