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MBA Admission Requirements for Full and Part-Time MBA Programs

The Lourdes University MBA Admissions Committee actively seeks a rich pool of applicants from around the globe. MBA candidates are admitted into the Full-Time MBA Program in the fall semester only. Those applicants interested in the part-time program are accepted for entry during the fall, spring and summer semesters.

About the MBA Admissions Process

  1. Application
    Fill out the Graduate School’s online application. Use our Graduate Application to apply online and submit the following required documents:
    • An official copy of all post-secondary transcripts
    • Statement of Purpose
    • Current Resume
    • Three (3) Letters of Recommendation (1 each from an academic and professional reference)
  2. MBA Admission Requirements
    In addition to admissions requirements for the Graduate School noted above, the following are required for admission to the M.B.A. program:

    Any earned bachelor degree from an accredited university or college at the time of application. In addition, applicants must have sixty credit hours, with a grade of C [2.0] or better, of undergraduate business coursework (or the equivalent) within the majority of the following core content areas: Accounting, Economics, Ethics, Finance, Legal Environment, Management, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Quantitative Analysis and Statistics or Calculus in order to have all of the MBA foundational content courses waived

    Admitted applicants with less than sixty credit hours, with a grade of C [2.0] or better, of undergraduate business coursework (or the equivalent) must take the MBA foundational content courses at the graduate level. The MBA program will not accept credit for equivalent classes taken at the undergraduate level once an applicant has been admitted. The following are the required foundational content courses:

    • MBA 615—Strategic Marketing Management
    • MBA 616—Quantitative Analysis for the Business Manager or LS 612
    • MBA 617—Economics for Global Business
    • MBA 618—Financial & Managerial Accounting
    • MBA 619—Fundamentals of Finance
    • MBA 620—Application of Business Theory to Managerial Functions
  3. Applicants must also complete the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) and submit scores from the test taken within the last five years. An overall score of 470 or greater is preferred
  4. Review of Application
    During this process, the MBA Admissions Committee reviews and ranks only the applicants who have completed all the MBA admission requirements. If your completed application falls below the initial admission threshold, an interview may be granted on an invitation-only basis after evaluation of a submitted application. A candidate who receives an invitation will have only one interview
  5. Decisions
    After completion of all MBA admission requirements, candidates are informed of admission decisions according to the schedule listed below

Full-Time MBA Admissions Schedule

Submission Deadline for Full-Time MBA Applications
Round 1, November 1
Round 2, February 1
Round 3, May 1

Decision Notification Date for Full-Time MBA Admissions
Round 1, February 1
Round 2, April 1
Round 3, July 1

Part-Time MBA Admissions Schedule

Submission Deadline for Part-Time MBA Applications
Fall, June 1
Spring, November 1
Summer, March

Decision Notification Date for Part-Time MBA Admissions
Fall, July 15
Spring, December 15
Summer, April 15

If you have any questions about the MBA admission requirements or the MBA admissions process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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