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Faculty, Staff & Advisors

The Education Department is proud to introduce students to the wonderful faculty and staff that make our department the well rounded and esteemed branch of Lourdes it is today. Our faculty and staff uphold a nurturing learning environment for our students while also maintaining Lourdes' core values of community, learning, reverence, and service.

Christine Knaggs, Ph.D.
Interim Dean of the College of Education & Human Services, Chair of the Department of Education, Assistant Professor of Education, Instructor of Chemistry and Physical Sciences
Ph.D., University of Toledo
M.Ed., University of Toledo
A.B., Harvard University
Office: SAH 165
Phone: 419-517-8998
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Christine Knaggs

Michael P. French, Ph.D.
Associate Chair, Graduate & Professional Studies
Director, Master of Education
Professor, Master of Education
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
M.A., College of St. Thomas
A.B., University of Notre Dame
Office: ASI 288
Phone: 419-824-3721
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Michael French


Sr. Valerie Grondin, O.S.F., Ph.D.
Director, Adolescence to Young Adult Education Program
Associate Professor of Education
Advisor, Adolescence to Young Adult Education
Ph.D., Catholic University
M.A., University of Detroit
B.A., Mary Manse College
Office: ASI 279
Phone: 419-824-3948
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Sr. Valerie Grondin

Carolyn Jaksetic, M.Ed.
Director of School and Educational Partnerships
M.Ed., University of Dayton
B.A., Mary Manse College
Office: ASI 154
Phone: 419-824-3661

Carolyn Jaksetic


Sr. Rebecca LaPoint, O.S.F.
Teacher Licensure Officer
Assistant Professor of Education
M.A., B.S.E., B.A., Mary Manse College
Office: ASI 157
Phone: 419-824-3843

Sr. Rebecca LaPoint

Karen S. Roadruck, M.Ed.
Education Student Success Coordinator
Associate Professor of Education
M.Ed., The University of Toledo
B.S., The Ohio State University
Office: ASI 281
Phone: 419-824-3821
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Karen Roadruck


Carol Schwartz, Ph.D.
Associate Chair,
Undergraduate Education

Assistant Professor of Education
Ph.D., M.Ed., B.Ed., The University of Toledo
A.A., Lourdes University
Office: ASI 287
Phone: 419-824-3722

Carol Schwartz

Michael J. Smith, Ph.D.
Ph.D., Bowling Green State University
M.Ed., The University of Toledo
B.Ed., The University of Toledo
Office:ASI 285
Phone 419-824-3723
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Michael Smith


Dawn Milner, M.Ed.
Coordinator of Clinical & Field Experience
M.Ed., B.Ed., University of Toledo
Office: ASI 277
Phone: 419-824-3840

Dawn Milner

Adam R. Vrabel, Ed.D.
Math Education
Ed.D., M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh
M.S., B.A., Miami University

Office: ASI 282
Phone: 419-824-3735

Dawn Milner


Office Staff

Jackie Koch
Administrative Assistant -
Education and Social Work

Office: ASI 150
Phone: 419-824-3713

Jackie Koch

Maritza Quinones
Administrative Assistant –
Education and Social Work

Office: ASI 150
Phone: 419-824-3715

Maritza Quinones


Center for Science Education and the Environment

Sr. Rosine Sobczak, O.S.F., M.S.
Community Liaison, CSEE
Associate Professor of Biology
M.S., University of Detroit
B.S., Mary Manse College
Office: LCH 166
Phone: 419-824-3691

Sr. Rosine Sobczak


Tiffin University Program

Robert Stover, M.Ed.
Coordinator,Tiffin University
Instructor of Education

M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh
B.A., Capital University
Phone: 419-448-3385

Bob Stover