Art Installation

Art Project

"Tears" Art Installation 

Lourdes University social work and art students partnered with Lucas County Children Services to present a special 3D project at this year’s Artomatic 419!, this region’s largest multimedia, non-juried arts celebration. The project is part of the Blue Room, an area at the event reserved for artwork honoring national Child Abuse Awareness Month, and features what students believe best represents how child abuse affects everyone – tears. Each ceramic tear depicts a common emotion experienced as a result of abuse: Alone, Anger, Fear, and Shame. Lourdes is offering replicas of the tears for purchase and is also seeking a benefactor for the original artwork. Funding provided through the art installation will go toward establishing a permanent social work outreach fund.

As social work student Louis Wilson points out, “It’s a great way to build awareness, and raise funds for future community outreach endeavors. Often, the social work department is approached to offer assistance – by raising funds or by providing material items like coats. With this new fund, we can address these community needs in a much more timely fashion.”

Please note tears have been sold out and are no longer available for purchase.