The SUCCESS program, sponsored by Lourdes University College of Nursing, promotes retention and academic SUCCESS in the nursing major. SUCCESS is a collaborative effort to assist the nursing student with utilization of campus resources (Academic Support Center, Sofia Center, TRiO), NCLEX Test Taking Strategies, Dose Calculation assistance, support the understanding of the Nursing Process, and assistance with completing clinical paperwork. SUCCESS is not meant to be a substitute for the faculty-student relationship; it is meant to be an additional benefit to ensure SUCCESSful advancement through the nursing program.

Checklist to SUCCESS

  • Meet with Nursing faculty to discuss concerns 
  • Complete and submit referral electronically to
    (Note: Referral may be submitted by faculty or student). Students are encouraged to self-refer to SUCCESS.
  • Schedule appointment with SUCCESS coordinator 
  • Meet with SUCCESS coordinator 
  • Follow-up with SUCCESS coordinator, as needed