Lourdes University/Promedica IRB Review Process

All Lourdes University student and faculty researchers who are conducting research at ProMedica Health Systems (ProMedica) need to be aware of the following process* established between Lourdes University and ProMedica:

  • Step 1: Researchers need to complete the Lourdes University IRB application and all appropriate documents
    • Note: Principal Investigators who are conducting research at a ProMedica facility must submit their capstone proposals along with the application and all supporting documents to the Lourdes University IRB
  • Step 2: Submit all documentation (upon advisor’s approval) to the Lourdes University IRB email at
  • Step 3: The Lourdes University IRB Administrator/Coordinator will conduct an initial review of the protocol for completeness
  • Step 4: Upon review, applications for research to be conducted at ProMedica will then be forwarded by the Lourdes University IRB Office via email to the ProMedica IRB Office
  • Step 5: The ProMedica IRB Administrator/Coordinator will review the protocol
    • Note: If the protocol requires clarifications, the ProMedica IRB Administrator/Coordinator will email requests to the researcher
  • Step 6: ProMedica shall approve all protocols that are to be conducted at their facility and send the Lourdes University Administrator/Coordinator the approval letter to ensure that all files are complete

*This process is established via a Memorandum of Understanding between Lourdes University and ProMedica Health System, for more information regarding the Memorandum of Understanding, please email

Contact Lourdes

Kristin Booth
IRB Administrator

Lauren Maziarz, Ph.D., R.N.
Chairperson, IRB

Contact Promedica

ProMedica IRB Office