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Library FAQ

How Do I Access OhioLINK Databases from Off-campus?

  1. On the Lourdes Library Menu there is a link to OhioLINK Databases.
  2. After selecting that link, you will see database selections AND THE LOGIN LINK that is only displayed when you are off-campus.
  3. Select "Log in".
  4. You will need to select "Lourdes" from a drop down menu of schools.
  5. You will then need to enter your name and barcode number in the spaces provided.
  6. If your access is allowed you will be "authenticated" as a user.
  7. There are restrictions on the use of some databases that are not subscribed to by Lourdes.
  8. If OhioLINK authentication is offline, try the OPAL authentication.

How Do I Renew Books Online?

  1. On the Lourdes Library homepage or on the Library Catalog page there is a link to "View My Account".
  2. After selecting that link, enter your name and barcode number in the spaces provided.
  3. Select "Submit".
  4. Your name will be displayed.
  5. If you have anything checked out or on order, select the link displayed.
  6. The next screen will list your items with the status of each.
  7. Check the box next to the item you want to renew. (If you are viewing your list of requested items, select any you wish to cancel.)
  8. Choose "Renew Selected".
  9. There are restrictions to renewing online due to fines, overdues, or limits on renewal periods. You will be denied renewal if any of these reasons exist.

How Do I Request Books?

If an item is not available in the Lourdes online catalog:

  1. At your search results page select "Search OhioLINK".
  2. When you find the item available select "Request item".
  3. You will be asked to select a school Select "Lourdes".
  4. Type your name.
  5. You will need to enter your valid barcode from your student id OR your library card.
  6. Your barcode may begin with letters or numbers depending on which card is validated at the library.
  7. Select Pickup Institution: "Lourdes".
  8. Select Pickup Location: "Lourdes Library Circ Desk".
  9. If there is an error, access will be denied. See "Trouble Shooting".

If your request was successful:

  • You will be notified by Lourdes email when your item arrives.
  • You may also check online at "My Account" to see the status of your request.


  • Sometimes the error is a spelling error. Retype your name.
  • Sometimes the error is the wrong number. Retype your number, no spaces.
  • In OPAL, did you remember to choose correct pickup location?
  • Has your Lourdes ID/Library card been validated at the circulation desk this semester? You may have to go to the library to have this done.
  • Sometimes the name in the library system is not the name you type. For example, did you use your middle initial? Try it without a middle initial.
  • Lastly, some errors are beyond our control. Try again later, or contact the library for further assistance.

How Do I Request Articles?

Search the OhioLINK Databases to find magazine and journal citations and abstracts.

Where can you find the text of the article?

  • Many databases have full text available online.
  • Html or PDF are 2 different choices sometimes available to view the text. Select either of those options. PDF needs Adobe acrobat reader to view the article.
  • Select the option to "Find a copy" if there is no text. This lists the schools that have the print copy of a journal or magazine or gives a full text link.
  • You have the option to go to that library and read or copy the article.
  • Sometimes there is an option to link to You will be linked to the text (or something similar) on the Web.
  • Check another database that may contain the text version. E.g. Some citations in CINAHL are found full text in Health Source: Nursing/Academic.

If you need an article that is not online in any of the above suggested forms, you may fill out a request form.

  • Requests are limited to Lourdes students, staff, and faculty.
  • Article requests are not guaranteed to be filled.
  • There may be a cost associated with obtaining the article that you will be required to pay.
  • Fill out the request form completely, print the form and return it to the circulation desk.

Where do I find course reserves?

Print resources

  • Print copies of articles and books are found at the library circulation desk.
  • These are used in the library.
  • Have your ID ready to leave at the circulation desk.


  • Some reserve articles are found online.
  • On the Library Catalog page, click on "Course Reserves".
  • Search by Instructor's last name, course name, or course number (e.g. RST 212).
  • When reserved title appears click on view or print.
  • Enter your name and barcode from Lourdes ID.
  • A PDF document will open.