Scholarships for
Returning Students

2014-15 Scholarships for Returning Lourdes Undergraduates

Scholarships for continuing Lourdes Students are listed below. Check deadlines for each scholarship.

Notification Process: Scholarship recipients are notified through Lourdes Financial Aid Award Package process. Financial Aid Award Packages are provided to students who have completed the 2014-15 FAFSA process at Lourdes. Notification of scholarship recipients normally begins in May and can continue throughout the year.


Lourdes University General Scholarship 2014-15


Delp Family Scholarship

Dr. Patricia McCutchan-Richard Vernier Scholarship

  • BAIS with concentration in Natural Sciences, or Biology majors pursuing Pre-Med or Pre-Vet
  • Details & application (PDF)

Dr. Robert J. Turek, Jr. Endowed Scholarship

Eleanor Kahle Memorial Endowed Scholarship

  • Non-traditional student, 25 years or older
  • Documented community Involvement and/or volunteer service
  • Details & application (PDF)

Islamic Scholarship Funds

Nightingale Nursing Education Scholarship

  • Students accepted into the Lourdes University Nursing degree major. A minimum of two scholarships will be given: one to junior level student in Basic Nursing major and one to RN-BSN student in Nursing major.
  • Details & application (PDF)

Racing For Recovery Scholarship

Rebecca Ann Binkowski Scholarship for Social Work Students

Sr. Maria Goretti-Sodd Endowed Scholarship

Staff Association Scholarship For Federal Work Study Students

Toth Kinsey Endowed Scholarship

  • Lourdes University students who are single mothers, whether unmarried, divorced, or widowed.
  • Details & application (PDF)




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