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Audrey Wildman

'09, BA, Social Work
Clinical Therapist

Audrey Wilman"As a foster kid, I understand the challenges many individuals face," offers Audrey Wildman. She recalls herself as being an ailing child who was often in the hospital. That is where she first became aware of social work personnel and the services they provide. "I knew from an early age that I wanted to be a social worker and to let others know that they count and that they have a voice."

Audrey sees the reward in her job. "When my clients are able to finally obtain their GED, obtain housing for themselves and their children, or attend college, I am so elated – for them. My goal is to share my own resilience with individuals and show them not to be victims, but to be victorious."

Employed at A Renewed Mind, an organization specializing in child, adolescent, and adult treatment, Audrey finds enjoyment in the variety of her daily duties. "Our agency works with people of all ages. On any given day, I can help 18-25 year olds become emancipated, facilitate a group that has experienced domestic violence, assist clients develop their self-esteem and social skills, empower women who have experienced trauma or been caught up in human trafficking, and help provide housing and day programs. The list of how we help make a difference in these individuals' lives is endless and so fulfilling.

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