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Brandon Welever

'10, BS, Business Administration
General Manager
21st Century Super Fitness

Brandon Welever"As a manager, I'm responsible for the well-being and success of my workplace. When things go good, I get the credit; but likewise, when things go bad, I also get the credit. I've found that the key to managing a successful business is to have the happiest employees. By creating a work environment that gives employees the freedom to make their own decisions and give input that can better the company, employees find themselves less stressed, more capable of completing the tasks at hand, and more accomplished at the end of the day. This creates what I like to call a 'professionally laid back' work environment."

New to management but not new to the fitness industry, Brandon brought many skills with him as he worked his way up into management. Originally hired as a personal trainer for Super Fitness seven years ago, Brandon also became one of their lead salesmen of fitness memberships and also exceeded in customer service. Since graduating from Lourdes with his bachelor's degree, he has been promoted to general manager. Brandon has also been his high school alma mater's (Central Catholic High School) bowling coach since 2006, receiving the National Coach of the Year award in 2008.

For those looking to get into the world of business, Brandon advises, "You must make yourself a valuable resource to any business. The ability to adapt is very important. Being able to learn quickly, make quick decisions and apply newly learned knowledge will set you apart." Other characteristics he believes are important to possess are being personable and understanding. "If you can make others around you feel comfortable, people will open up to you more and through teamwork, more will be accomplished resulting in success for all."

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